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Ayurvedic Retreat By The Beach

At Sitaram, our purpose is to show you the path to connect to your Highest Self and transform on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. While our treatments help you cleanse and rejuvenate on a physical level, our way of life helps you take a break from your normal and experience an ayurvedic way of life to reach your breakthrough. We strive to help people realise that health is a necessary choice which needs a conscious effort to achieve and maintain. Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Sitaram Beach Retreat is a destination for holistic healing experience. Our 100 years of legacy, tradition and diving healing also separates us from the other Ayurveda resorts in Kerala.

Sitaram Retreat Aerial View
Sitaram Retreat
Sitaram Retreat
Sitaram Retreat
Sitaram Retreat
Sitaram Retreat
Sitaram Retreat
Sitaram Retreat
Sitaram Retreat
Sitaram Retreat

Experience Sitaram Beach Retreat


The core of our work is about guiding you to find your path of healing and connecting to your Highest Self.

While the Ayurvedic treatments help you cleanse and rejuvenate on a physical level, the Ayurvedic way of life helps you take a break from your normal, shed old patterns and find the space to choose new habits.

Here, transformation and healing happen on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Sitaram Beach Retreat cottages

At Sitaram Beach Retreat, our stays are carefully designed to help you relax, recover and aid in your healing process. We believe that Nature plays a vital role in healing, and each aspect of the retreat is thoughtfully created with this in mind. Our rooms are made with natural materials that keep the space cool, allows good ventilation and offers serene views from the comfort of your rooms. The colours are also warm in tone and seamlessly blend with the outdoors. Beside the shores of the Arabian Sea, Sitaram Beach Retreat is an ideal Ayurvedic retreat in Kerala for a holistic healing experience. While at Sitaram, explore 100 years of legacy, tradition and healing.

Luxury Stone Cottages

Our spacious luxury twin cottages are 421 sq. feet each and with unique statement wooden furniture. All cottages are with attached bathrooms and open to sky shower area; both having RO purified hot and cold water facilities.

Luxury Wooden Cottages

Our luxurious wooden twin cottages are 400 sq. feet each featuring designer wooden furniture. All cottages are with attached bathrooms and open to sky shower area; both having RO purified hot and cold water facilities.

Wooden Premium Villas

 Our wooden premium villas are 400 sq ft each and adorned with traditional wooden furniture. All cottages have attached bathrooms and open to sky shower area; both having purified hot and cold water facilities.


The fundamental understanding of Ayurveda is that, when a person is disconnected from nature and his true self, he becomes sick. In order to get healthy, he has to get back to his roots, both within and around nature.


Panchakarma is not something that you do only when you have a diagnosed health condition, it is also something you do in order to protect and sustain a healthy condition. Today, everything in our society and lifestyle is designed to make us consume more, get addicted to the consumption and stay in the loop. Our lifestyles stack up against one unhealthy habit over another and Panchakarma holds immense benefits to help us recover.

Dine at Sitaram

Ayurveda believes that when the food is wrong, no medicines can help. And when the food is right, there will be no need for medicine. At Sitaram Beach Retreat, we believe in harnessing the power of food as a medicine.


Have you ever wondered why, at times, all the lab tests are clean but people still suffer some diseases? Such diseases are called idiopathic in western medicine – meaning unknown in origin.


The ancient sages of India developed Yoga for realizing a higher consciousness and Ayurveda for health and well-being. Yoga deals with the harmonizing of mind, body and soul. At Sitaram, Yoga is love, care and listening.


Treatments in Ayurveda are customised according to your prakriti or body type. Even the choice of oils, herbs and treatments will be selected only after consultation. Here’s a list of various treatments and their benefits in Ayurveda.


Dealing with Burnout | With Ashdin Doctor

“Last year has been so hectic with covid lockdown that burnout had started to set in. I needed to deal with this stress. There are three things that came together beautifully here, the first is the beautiful setting, the second is the procedure and talking to the doctors, and the third is the service…they make you feel at home.”

Ashdin Doctor, Kerala

Coming Back To Sitaram Beach Retreat | With Marina Fuchs (German)

I am a wedding planner. I was exhausted…extremely…from the last year, the covid year. I was craving for a place to relax before the next wedding season coming up. I was thinking about where to go and as I was here at Sitaram four years ago, and I had really enjoyed it. So I thought that’s the place to go! 

Marina Fuchs, Europe

A Detox Holiday | With Nyla Usha

“The moment they started pouring oil into my head, it was like magic. I  literally closed my eyes, and could imagine all the negativity, frustration, probably jealousy…we all have these things inside us somewhere or the other..small things that we can let go… I feel so cleansed right now..”

Nyla Usha


I tried 2 weeks ayurvedic treatment in Kerala and the results are insane !!!

Ayurveda in Kerala vlog with my parents. Treatments that were did on me, as designed by my doctors …”

Jovita George

Getting Our Vitality And Happiness Back | Subaraman & Family

“We heard about this place from my sister. After struggling a lot with chronic leg pain, she visited Sitaram, and came back with renewed energy and complete pain relief. After experiencing this place myself, I can the say same… it’s the seventh day of my treatment, and my pain is 90% gone. I have high levels of energy and a very different perspective about everything…”

Subaraman, Thrissur

Getting My Energy Back | WIth Yumi Shiratori

“I had got too tired and had no energy with all the work-from-home situation. After coming to Sitaram, in this beautiful environment and excellent Panchakarma treatment, with very friendly staff and fantastic food, I gradually picked up and started feeling energetic. I also realized that a healthy lifestyle is a treat for myself.”

Yumi Shiratori, Japan

Staycation @ Sitaram Beach retreat

“We just had our first staycation in over 15 months (our first, small holiday trip since the pandemic!) thanks to SITARAM BEACH RETREAT!

4 days and 4 nights well spent and it was one of our best experiences till date! ❤️….”

Arjun Doney

A Place for Physical and Mental Relief| With Krishnankutty & Family

This is our first experience like this. Each one here made sure we are taken care of. We were relieved physically and mentally. We have traveled to so many places, and dint realize we have such a wonderful place here. In fact our children pushed us to come here, and we are so happy they did.

Krishnankutty, Kerala

Preventive Healthcare with Ayurveda | With Pattabhiraman

“I have been busy with the business for many years. I came here for Ayurvedic treatment and peace of mind. I believe that we should not wait till we fall sick to pay attention to our health, but take precautionary measures through Ayurveda to retain good health. Here, both treatments and a beautiful stay go hand in hand…”

 Pattabhiraman, Kerala

Work From Home Holidays | With Charanya & Family

“The food has been a very important factor here. We are just loving the food…Anyone who wants to do something good for themselves, enhance your lifestyle, and improve your wellness, I think this is the place to be.”

Charanya, Kerala

A Transformative Panchakarma Experience | WIth Annie

“After the entire procedure, I felt extremely light. I felt very energetic and fresh…From that moment, my life became more peaceful. …the negative thoughts that had been accumulated for the last 40 years just vanished…I can’t describe the happiness and power I felt.”

Annie, Germany 

Healing Metabolic Issues With Panchakarma | With Karin

“I knew that enema was a part of the treatment. I was very scared at the beginning, but they are all very professional and experienced in doing this, and slowly I got relaxed and started trusting them. With an enema, I got relief from a lot of disturbing emotions. It’s the beginning of the transformation process…”

Karin, Germany

Connecting To Nature And Ayurveda  | With Deevya Doshi

“I believe that we go through a lot of physical and mental stress throughout the year. We need to closely hear the voice of what we are actually seeking, instead of just rushing into the things. And for that, we need to isolate ourselves from the routine and connect more to the power of Nature and Ayurveda.

Deevya Doshi, Gujarat

A Story Of Three Generations | With Neelesh Soni & Family

“ I am here with my father and grandfather.. it’s a triple generation retreat for us…I can’t get the right words to describe how beautiful this place looks and  the vibes you get from this place.”

Neelesh Soni, Gujarat

A Getaway For The Whole Family | With Soni & Her Family

“Along with the treatment, the food was really good. Very healthy and nutritious that further rejuvenated us. Children really enjoyed over here, with a large lawn area and the beach…

Soni, Cochin

A Wellness Holiday For Mother And Daughter |With Surya Pillai

“The entire sound of the ocean, birds and wind is important in these kinds of healing treatments…I don’t know when was the last time I saw so many butterflies…”

Surya Pillai, South Africa

Divine Healing With Panchakarma | With Jessica Thorpe (German)

Jessica Thorpe shares her transformational experience with Panchakarma – a profound healing treatment that is a powerful reset for your body. It is an extremely effective treatment for eliminating the toxins from your body and increasing your vitality and energy.

Jessica Thorpe, Germany

Sitaram beach retreat

” Sitaram Beach Retreat,Thrissur (Thalikulam)a destination for inner peace and sustainable healing is a part of Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd. Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy was founded in the year 1921 with the blessings of Maharaja of Cochin, His Highness Rama Varma XV, a visionary who built a system to propagate authentic Ayurveda for the wellness of people of his kingdom….”

Balram Menon