Our Healing Team

Healing is a multilayered process at Sitaram Beach retreat, and each of our staff is a link in the process.  Between prescription and recovery, our therapists, yoga teacher, chefs, F&B, house-keeping staff, Gardner and the administrative staff play a key role in making sure that the entire process is smooth, and that each of the aspects during your stay is designed to keep your recovery as a priority. 

Ayurvedic Therapists Team 

A massage is not just about the herbs and oils, but also about the healing power of touch. Research, time and again has proved the powerful benefits touch has on our bodies and minds. A good therapist understands the body, mind and emotions of the patient, and facilitates healing on all levels. Our therapist team is skilled at easing people and helping them shift to a calm demeanour. Their people skills are on par with her therapy skills, making the whole process smoother for the patient.

Our therapists are government certified practitioners with in-depth knowledge of the field.

Yoga Teachers team

Yoga at Sitaram is Love, Care and Listening. Harnessing the mind-body connection can only happen if we understanding what a patient needs for their physical, mental and emotional health. At Sitaram, Yoga is purely customized as per our guest’s requirements. Each person has a specific requirement, and we treat it exclusively. it may be weight loss or a place to press the restart button or management of an already existing disease or the onset of it.

Our Yoga teachers first listen to your needs, identify them and then design the sessions based upon their understanding of how the guest can reap maximum benefit rather than offering them a generalized plan.

House Keeping team

The environment you stay in Sitaram Beach Retreat is basically a safe space where your transformation can happen. A lot of planning, hard work and attention to detail by our housekeeping team goes behind in keeping our retreat up and running. 

And of course, It’s always the little things that matter. Like the little elephant waiting for you when you return to your room or a lovely candle while you have dinner.  At Sitaram, we believe that a small gesture can go a long way in making someone happy, and our housekeeping team makes this possible.

F&B team

According to  Ayurveda, when the food is wrong, no medicines can help. And when the food is right, there will be no need for medicine.Our diets have been carefully designed, and further customised for each patient. Our F&B team is a testament to the fact that healthy food can also be delicious and tasty. They familiarize themselves with the requirements of each patient and make sure our guests have a big smile at the end of their meals. 

The dining experience they create starts from picking the right ingredients, being familiar with your physical needs, treatments and preferences, setting up a beautiful table and serving with a warm smile!

Gardeners Team

The first thing you notice about Sitaram Beach Retreat is the lush variety of trees and plants, a  garden dotted with colourful flowers, a kaleidoscope of butterflies and a whole bunch of birds who call our garden home. And our gardener’s team are the lovely people behind it! It is their love for nature, discipline, nurturing abilities and hard work that helps our garden thrive the way it does. 

We truly are thankful for having a great team that is constantly working behind the scenes to help us move forward. Each of them is key in connecting the dots and creating the lovely experience you have at Sitaram Beach Retreat.