Nature and Sustainability


Our existence is tied with every living species we see around us. Our inability to see this beautiful interconnectedness has isolated us from all the gifts the Universe has in store for us. It has made also made us blind to all the crimes we commit against it. Sitaram is our way of creating a space that is dedicated to upholding the values of Mother Earth.  With this in mind, we have a two-way relationship with Nature at Sitaram Beach Retreat. We harness the power of nature with gratitude, and give back to Nature with humility. 


The retreat in itself is designed to harness the power of Nature in your stay. Set beside the Arabian sea, our guests have access to a clean and private beach throughout. The waves are a constant companion throughout, promoting your emotional and mental well-being. Panchakarma is about detoxification at a cellular level, and seeks to remove your old mental and physical patterns stored in your body. The aspect of self-realisation is key to this process, and our retreat thoughtfully integrates quiet spaces where you can reflect, introspect and connect with yourself in the company of nature.

Organic Garden

The landscape is dotted with a variety of trees, and is a lush-green landscape. The swaying coconut palms are soothing to watch and add to the tropical vibe here. Some other trees found here are: Gooseberry, Pomegranate, Mango, Mangosteen, Guava, Ramboutan, Chambekyah, Indian medicinal fig, Sitaphal, Carambola, Pamplemousse, Jackfruit, Irumban Puli, Chikoo, Papaya, Wild jackfruit trees, Coconut tree, Bamboo tree, Arecanut Palm Tree and Neem trees. We also have a herbal garden and species like Tulsi, Moringa, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Coffee and Clove. Other than this, there are many flowering plants and shrubs that are host to some beautiful butterflies. Our garden is home to a lot of indegenious birds and animals from the neighbourhood.

Exercising Sustainability

Loving Nature is not just about adoring the beauty of Nature, but also fighting to protect it.

Our Policy
  • We do not buy nor serve bottled mineral water to minimize plastic wastage. We have efficient RO & Ultra filtered safe water for drinking.
  • The inevitable plastic waste generated is recycled with the local government body.
  • Our restaurant produces zero waste as we recycle all the vegetable residues with a biogas unit, and also use it as compost.
  • Our infrastructure is infused with nature-friendly materials like terracotta and wood.
  • We practise rain water harvesting.
  • We support the local community by purchasing all our needs from local suppliers.
  • We train the natives to improve their employability and recruit in our centre.
  • We voluntarily take up the job of cleaning the beach premises and educate the natives about healthy waste management to promote eco-friendly responsible tourism.
  • Our retreat holds intense frequent training for all women staff on healthy parenting and family harmony. This is one training that has the power to transform society in the longer run.