Our Legacy

Sitaram Anglo Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd


A Century of healing…

With the blessings granted by HH Kochi Maharaja Rama Varma Kunjikkidavu Thampuran and his beloved Shri. Parukutty Nethyar Amma, Sitaram started the Journey of healing and nurturing people through Ayurveda and providing quality healthcare services on the 19th of May 1921.

The name of our company was taken from the Punkunnam Sitaramaswamy Temple and over the years we realised that it has a lot more to it – ‘Sita’ (Goddess of Harvest) meaning “furrow” and ‘Ram’ (7th Avatar of Lord Vishnu) meaning “stop, stand still, Rest, rejoice and be pleased” which resonates with our idea of harvesting medicinal plants and turning it into life enhancing medicines, making people aware of the goodness of ayurveda and the utmost importance of understanding and treating our health.

HH Maharaja Rama Varma XV

The beginning...

Starting off as a First Joint Stock company in the Madras Province named Sitaram Anglo Ayurveda Pharmacy in 1921, we evolved into Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd. and then as Sitaram Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd. inculcating the values of our ancestors and following the path bestowed upon by the deities of Punkunnam Sitaramaswamy Temple.

Our Ancestors, M.A Parameswara Iyer and T.S Balarama Iyer along with a few promoters established the Ayurvedic and Allopathic Pharmacy and small-scale manufacturing unit in 1921. As Sri. P Devaraja Iyer – son of M.A Parameswara Iyer took over the directorship in 1960, Sitaram developed into a full-fledged Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing company with pharmacies and an Ayurvedic Hospital in Thrissur, Kerala, India.

Sri. M.A Parameswara Iyer

Sri. T.S Balarama Iyer

Sri. T.R Gopalakrishna Iyer

Sri. P Devaraja Iyer

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