Soul of Sitaram


Sitaram Beach retreat

Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Sitaram Beach Retreat is a destination for holistic healing experience.

At Sitaram, our purpose is to show you the path to connect to yourself and experience a breakthrough transformation at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. We want to make people realise that health is a necessary choice which needs a conscious effort to achieve and maintain.

While at Sitaram, explore 100 years of legacy and tradition. The ambience and experience will take you to divine healing. From treatments to the food we serve, quality, customisation and the value is what differentiates us.

The name SITARAM stands for – ‘Sita’ (Goddess of Harvest) meaning “furrow” and ‘Ram’ (7th Avatar of Lord Vishnu) meaning “stop, stand still, Rest, rejoice and be pleased” which resonates with our idea of harvesting medicinal plants and turning it into life enhancing medicines, making people aware of the goodness of Ayurveda and the utmost importance of understanding and treating our health.

Sitaram Legacy

Sitaram Beach Retreat, a destination for inner peace and sustainable healing, is a part of Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy Ltd.

With the blessings granted by HH Kochi Maharaja Rama Varma Kunjikkidavu Thampuran and his beloved Shri. Parukutty Nethyar Amma, Sitaram started the Journey of healing and nurturing people through Ayurveda and providing quality healthcare services on the 19th of May 1921.

The initiative of Maharaja of Cochin was later carried forward by three eminent personalities, Sr P Parameshwara Iyer, Sri Gopalakrishna Iyer and Sri Balaram Iyer.

The legacy and tradition was taken forward by Sr P Devaraja Iyer, the son of Sr Parameshwara Iyer and currently by his grandson Dr Ramanathan Devaraja Iyer who is the chief physician and Managing Director of the company. Sitaram Beach Retreat is the brainchild of Dr R Vignesh Devraj MD(Ayu), the great grandson of late Sri Parameshwara Iyer. His vision is to provide sustainable optimum health without compromise on the Ayurveda tradition.


To guide humanity experience sustained optimal health to live a life full of love, passion and happiness.


We assist our patients to become immune to all preventable diseases by providing innovative, result – oriented healing solutions and practical wisdom.

Sitaram Ayurveda

Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy is the first Ayurveda pharmaceutical company in the world to be GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices). Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy is the first Ayurveda company in South India to obtain an ISO 9001:2000 certification. At Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy we manufacture over 500 classical formulations. Quality is a religion we strictly adhere to. Right from sourcing raw materials, processing, manufacturing and dispensing we ensure highest standards are maintained at each and every step. A quality control team equipped with high tech lab monitors each step of processing, manufacturing, packaging and dispensing. To improve efficacy of medicines and adapt ancient formulations to contemporary contexts we have a state of the art Research and Development wing, recognized by the Government of India.


Managing director

”         Healing is considered to be one among the highest forms of noble deeds. Every civilization has a prayer which is about being healthy and to end suffering. We are a part of a legacy that has lived and continues to live for the benefit of the healing of the community. We live in a time when technological advances and instant gratifications have made man – a victim to many preventable lifestyle diseases. Ayurveda has excellent remedies to end and eradicate such preventable diseases. We with our team of doctors, therapists, pharmacy, 450 and growing franchisees, healing centres are on a mission to make this vision a reality.”