Ayurvedic Therapies

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“Siras” means “head” and “dhara” means “continuous flow”.

In this procedure, oil, decoction, milk or buttermilk is poured and allowed to flow over your head in a rhythmic and continuous fashion.


Shirodhara is an effective treatment against mental tension, sleeplessness and depression. It regulates hormonal imbalances by activating the hypothalamus of the brain. It enhances brain circulation and improves brain cell function. It also strengthens the nervous system.


  • A mild abhyanga will be done first. The therapist will tie a small piece of cloth around the head to protect your eyes from the spill of oil.
  • You have to lie supine on the table underneath a small hanging vessel filled with warm oil. Lukewarm oil will flow in a small stream to the forehead from the vessel.
  • The therapist will move the vessel back and forth over your forehead.