Ayurvedic Therapies

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Kashayavasti or decoction enema is done primarily to eliminate the accumulated/deranged Vata concentrated in the lower part of the body. It is a good cleaning for the large intestine or colon.


It cleans the large intestine thoroughly. It improves the function of the nervous system. It is therapeutic for inflammation and various disorders in the lower part of the body. It corrects metabolic disorders and is an efficient treatment for conditions like low back pain, intervertebral disc conditions, sciatica etc.


This can be given as a single vasti or as a course of several vastis prescribed by the physician. It is usually given alternately with matravasti, a small enema. This treatment is primarily done in the morning anytime between 8 am-10 am. The enema liquid will be eliminated within a few minutes after the enema is given. There are occasions wherein loose stools continue for a few hours after the enema. There is also a possibility that you may have constipation for 1-2 days after the vasti process is over.


  • First, you will be given an abhyangam or oil massage for 15-20 minutes, or your regular external treatment will be done.
  • Light steaming or heating will be given in the area of your stomach and lower abdomen.
  • Then you will be requested to lie on your left side with your left hand under your head and right leg flexed.
  • First, the anal sphincter area will be lubricated with oil for easy insertion of the enema nozzle.
  • As the enema nozzle is inserted into your rectum, you may open your mouth and breathe out.
  • After the enema liquid has been completely injected, you will be requested to lie on your back.
  • A light massage of your abdomen will be done if necessary.
  • The urge to release will happen anywhere between 1-10 minutes after the enema.
  • You can inform your therapists and go to the toilet to relieve yourself. Kindly do not lock the door.
  • The urge will continue and it may take 15-20 minutes for the entire liquid to leave your body.
  • Once you are done, you can inform your therapists and they will give you a bath in warm water.
  • After returning to your room, please have a bowl of warm rice kanji and take a good rest to prevent any further abdominal cramps or discomfort.


  • Have a light dinner and sleep early on the day before kashayavasti
  • Be relaxed during the entire process
  • The more relaxed you are, the easier the process will be for the body.
  • Do open your mouth and breathe out as the enema nozzle is inserted; this will make the process easy for you.
  • Do lie down and take rest after the process is over.
  • Stay in the room for the entire day.
  • Do inform your physicians in case of any discomfort during the process or during the rest of the day.


  • Do not eat or drink anything except water, if required, before the process.
  • Do not eat anything other than what the physician advises in the next few days after kashayavasti. 
  • Do not exert yourself too much to eliminate the enema fluid; let it happen naturally.
  • Do not engage in any activity like talking, using gadgets, walking, swimming etc for the whole day.