Ayurvedic Therapies

Group 6


Virechanam or purgation is done to eliminate accumulated toxins from the alimentary canal, mainly from the small intestine. This procedure helps in eliminating pitta dosha and Kapha dosha.


It normalizes the appetite, digestion and assimilation of the body. Virechanam helps to achieve lucidity of thought and stimulates intellectual capacity. It is very effective in the treatment of Pitta and Kapha disorders.


  • On the previous day of Virechanam, special food is given to increase the acid secretion in the gut.
  • On the day of virechanam, external treatments like oil massage and steam will be done at 7:30 am. The medicine for virechanam (to be taken orally) will be provided by your therapists or doctor right after the treatment.
  • No other medicine or breakfast will be given to you on the virechanam day.
  • Be prepared to evacuate your bowels every 15 minutes or so; for some, it can be every 45-60 minutes.
  • Sometimes the virechanam may be unsatisfactory. In that case, a therapeutic enema may be given in the afternoon to initiate the elimination,  or the virechana may be repeated on the next day.


  • You will be asked to drink either normal or warm water by the doctor according to the medicine given for purgation. Take half to one glass of water every half hour after taking the medicine and after every time you pass stool.
  • Take rest, and be in your room.
  • Walk frequently inside your room.
  • Inform your physician about the progress.
  • Rice water will be provided to your room by 12 noon or earlier if required. You can have that when you feel hungry or very tired. When you feel hungry again, you can have rice gruel – porridge.
  • If virechanam does not start within 4 hours, please inform the physician. He may decide to give you a second dose of medicine.
  • If you feel tired or dehydrated, please inform the physician.
  • Observe the stool and inform the physicians regarding the quantity, colour and consistency.
  • Take complete rest after the process is over.


  • Do not hold back the urge to pass stools, relieve yourself immediately.
  • Do not eat anything till the process is over.
  • Do not eat anything other than what the physician advises on the day and in the next few days after virechanam. 
  • Do not get stressed or agitated at any point during the process; the physician and therapists are there to take care of you.
  • Do not leave your room for the entire day.
  • Do not engage in any strenuous activity and follow all the general guidelines.