Can I do Panchakarma near a beach?

The reason why some people ask this question is quite interesting. In most situations, if you have previously visited a doctor-run hospital, the doctors would have advised you to stay away from seaside retreats offering panchakarma as they may not be authentic. This is a reference to the chain of hotels, resorts that have stunning views but are not doctor-run hospitals. The panchakarma packages are just rebranded massage therapies that are usually done during the preparatory stages of the treatment.

Sitaram Beach Retreat is a NABH certified, doctor-run hospital, and not just a retreat centre.

When I was looking for a place to do my own panchakarma treatment, I chose my father’s doctor-run clinic in the city. The attention provided in a doctor run clinic has more warmth and is fabulous. The only thing I missed was a connection with nature. When I started looking for this, I noticed that only places that provided this were run by hotel chains and real estate agents as they had access to places with really good views.

These places hired doctors and therapists to run the show, but the motto was to keep the client happy and run the business. This is not how a doctor-run hospital can ever operate. It is not about keeping the person emotionally happy and retaining him or her as a customer but finding the appropriate therapy that heals the patient.

What makes the patient happy and what heals them can be two different things.

I realized that there was no place that brought together the healing guidance (kaipunyam) of an experienced Ayurvedic doctor and a natural environment that aids in your relaxation and recovery. While most ayurvedic resorts create a beautiful landscape, their treatments do not have the healing efficacy of a doctor-led clinic. On the other hand, most doctor-run clinics miss out on the powerful benefits of nature and a serene environment.

This inspired me to create Sitaram Beach Retreat – a NABH accredited hospital, that blends the medical approach and healing efficacy of a doctor-run clinic with the healing properties of nature.

If your concern is the weather, then the only criteria for doing Panchakarma is to avoid places with extreme climates. It should not be either very hot or very cold. The weather in Kerala is moderate and suitable for panchakarma.

Discussing the authenticity of panchakarma is also quite a tricky topic. According to the Ayurvedic textbooks, proper panchakarma takes about six months. This timeline was set based on the requirement of the warriors, who returned after long periods of war. The treatment involved relieving them from the injuries, stress and suffering they experienced during the war. Today it is impossible to do that unless you have exceptional time and resources to opt for it.

On the other hand, the health issues that plague the current society are also on a different level. Most people are just overworked, burnt out and all their health issues are just manifestations of the underlying stress. In this sense, the natural environment at Sitaram Beach Retreat aids the recovery process and helps them relax better. When done in a serene environment, panchakarma helps in retraining the body to relax and motivate them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.