Can I do Panchakarma for wellness?

Ayurveda categorizes the root causes of illness into two categories of undernourishment and overconsumption. Most modern diseases are a blend of both. The right expression would be overfed, but undernourished.

Even though people eat a lot, the nutrition quality is poor and vital elements are missing in their bodies. This is one of the reasons that the supplement business is very high today. People rely on supplements to get most of their Vitamins, even though these are something that we can get naturally from food. Most women rely on iron supplements for their nourishment. This is also because their ability to absorb these micronutrients naturally from the food and the environment has gone down. Panchakarma can efficiently restore your body’s ability to naturally absorb these nutrients.

To say that panchakarma is for wellness is tricky because it depends on what your definition of wellness is.

If you believe that wellness isn’t just the absence of disease, but is also about feeling alive, and experiencing life with vigour and vitality, then Panchakarma is definitely for you.

The secret of having good energy in your home is to declutter in a regular manner. You will have to throw away unwanted stuff, make space for new and better things, and at the same time make sure you do not bring in unwanted stuff again.

Doing panchakarma at proper intervals is similar. You declutter the toxins from your body during the therapy, reset your old patterns, and make space for adopting new habits. In addition to this, you experience what it feels like to be alive, to live light, be energetic, and experience life with vigour and energy. The feeling is so good that you can’t help but want to sustain it.

Panchakarma gives you a reference point for how being healthy feels. This is a great motivation for people to want to adopt a healthier lifestyle and feel alive.

In this context, being alive also extends to enjoying full health without depending on any chemicals, producing the natural hormones in our bodies and living healthy organically. So, yes, panchakarma can definitely be done for overall wellness.