Ayurvedic Physicians

Doctor’s Profile

Dr. Vignesh Devraj

Dr. Vignesh Devraj is a fourth-generation ayurvedic healer. He is the founder and chief physician of Sitaram Beach Retreat, Kerala – a space for authentic healing and transformation. Dr. Vignesh is a committed practitioner and researcher on Panchakarma, an ancient body purification method that activates the body’s innate healing energies, providing the foundation to true health.

Dr. Bhagavathi Ammal

Dr. Bhagavathi Ammal is an eminent practitioner devoted to Ayurvedic healing. Her specialty lies in Prasootitantra and Streeroga (Gynaecology and Obstetrics) with 40+ years of experience in women’s health and various lifestyle disorders. She holds notable excellence in the areas of infertility and PCOS issues with consistent sonographic and symptomatic results bearing testimony from patients all over the world.

Dr Jobin John

Dr. Jobin John is an Ayurvedic physician practicing the system for the last 12 years. His area of expertise is in treating arthritis, joint conditions, back and spinal issues, headaches, stress and sleep issues, infertility and autoimmune conditions etc. He is well versed in using modern diagnostic techniques and investigations and integrating the results into ayurvedic concepts and terms, leading to a better selection of suitable medicines and treatment modalities.

How to make the most of your Ayurvedic Consultation with your doctor?

Instead of saying staring with your diagnosis, talk more about the symptoms you want to improve.

The first consultation is the most important and foundational in your healing. Try to be as open, and honest as possible. Avoid telling your self-diagnosis, but  rather explain your symptoms. 

 When you walk in with a diagnosis, it may hamper the doctors thought process in looking at the situation from a fresh mindset. 

Try to explain your habits as vividly as possible.

Like,  if you are used to 4-5 cups of tea, you may get withdrawal headaches during the treatment. If the doctors are aware. They will substitute it with the right herbal tea.  Knowing about your habits helps the doctor understand where your conditions are coming from, and keep you in the right frame of mind to change the habits that are not good for you. 

When you communicate about your conditions, please prioritise the ones you wish to improve upon.

If you have a skin condition, sleep issues and pain in your body at the same time, do mention which is causing the most interference in your life and what symptoms you want to improve first. This can help the doctor in customising the treatment accordingly. 

Continue speaking to your doctor throughout your stay at Sitaram Beach Retreat.

Meet your doctor every day. This helps us track the progress and make amends accordingly. The more you communicate with your doctor, the more we will be able to support you in every aspect of your healing. 

Share your emotional concerns.

Your mental state may be affecting your body. Our emotions have a huge impact on the energy levels in the human body. That’s why we emphasise sharing what exactly is happening in your mindset. 

What to expect during your final consultation at the Sitaram Beach retreat?

If you wish to, we can give medicines that can help you sustain your health post-panchakarma. These medicines can help smooth your transition to normal food and other lifestyles.  We can also give some DIY formulations to continue at home. 

Please keep in mind, that our medicines are prepared with a lot of care and handwork. If you feel that you will not be able to continue the practice or use the medicines regularly, Kew requests you to kindly refrain from buying medicines. 


Dr. Vignesh’s Podcast

If you are interested in learning more about Ayurveda, you can tune into Dr. Vignesh Devraj’s weekly podcast – Ayurvedic Healing And Beyond. 

About Ayurvedic Healing and Beyond

In Ayurveda, we say, health is the foundation to enjoy the beauty of life. This podcast is a guide for you to reconnect with the most powerful, natural healing resources in order to benefit from optimal health and vitality. We give you simple tools and practical advice to easily integrate herbal remedies and ancient healing methods such as meditation, breathing practices and ayurvedic nutrition into your modern lifestyle. Tune in, and be inspired by enlightening stories from genuine healers around the world sharing how natural healing transformed their life.