What is special about doing Panchakarma in a NABH accredited hospital?

NABH stands for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals. This is a certification issued by the Quality Council of India.

NABH enforces a strict system and process for patient safety. Being accredited by NABH means, the accredited hospital is following certain safety standards and regulations mandatorily. The patient’s safety is not just in the hands of the doctor, it is also in the hands of every person who is working in the hospital. NABH ensures that there are proper work structures, documentation and safety protocols that are being followed.

Like for example, where is the hospital sourcing the medications from? Does the pharmacy store the medicines in a regulated way? When a doctor prescribes medication for the patient, what are the systems and processes in place to make sure the right medication is given to the right patient? How much effort goes into training the staff? Are the statutory compliances of preventing fire emergencies in place? Is everyone trained to attend to an emergency protocol? Having NABH accreditation means that the hospital is complying with all these quality standards set by the council. Another important factor of NABH is employee satisfaction. Are the staff happy? We know that it’s not just the salary, but also the environment of work that gives satisfaction. It is also about providing the right kind of training to them.

Healing is a multifactorial process, it is not just with the doctor, but the involvement and system of communication between each staff involved in the process. Having a NABH accreditation means that working and evolving these systems is a never-ending process. Another important benefit for the patient is that the possibility of getting an insurance claim is much higher with a NABH accredited hospital.

When we call ourselves Sitaram Beach Retreat, the retreat stands for a space to treat yourself to recover, rejuvenate and connect with your inner self, and the NABH certification points out that we are also a certified hospital.