Ayurvedic Therapies

Group 4


“Naranga” means “lemon” and “kizhi” means “pouch.”


This treatment will help to reduce inflammation and pain. The processed lemon in the pouch will increase local circulation by dilating blood vessels and thus promoting healing. This treatment relieves acute joint pain, pain related to disc prolapse, arthritic pain and pain due to injury.

*Note that these treatments can be done as a preparation for the cleansing in Panchakarma, and also as a main treatment depending on your condition.


Narangakizhi is done only after oil application.

Pieces of lemon along with some powdered herbs are fried in oil and tied together in a cotton cloth. These pouches are heated by dipping in warm oil and are applied over the body in long, circular and stamping strokes.

The procedure is done in different positions as in abhyangam.