Ayurvedic Therapies

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This is also known as Ghee Therapy.

This is a 3 – 5 day preparatory regimen done prior to the beginning of the main cleansing. On these days, medicated ghee (clarified butter) or sesame oil will be given to you in fixed doses until the body is completely saturated with the fat medium. As this is a phase of intense detoxification during which the metabolic toxins are dissolved, most of the body’s energy is utilised for this process. So for effective detoxification, it is essential to take maximum rest and allow the body to work on itself.


It is a preparatory therapy for the main panchakarma procedure which enhances the treatments namely Vamanamm (therapeutic emesis) and Virechanam (therapeutic purgation) by means of internal administration of medicated clarified butter (ghritham) or medicated oil (tailam). 


Helps to bring toxins from all micro-channels of the body to the gut – gastrointestinal tract.

Helps for the easy elimination of toxins during the vamanamm and virechanam. 

Reduces internal dryness which is one of the root causes of many illnesses and regulates metabolism.


On the day of ghee therapy, medicated clarified butter (ghee) will be given to drink either in the morning (7.00 am) on an empty stomach, or in the evening (6.00 pm) prior to dinner.

Food will be restricted on the days of ghee therapy. You are advised to eat only if and when you feel hungry. You need not keep to the meal timings and please feel free to go to the restaurant at any time of the day whenever you are hungry.

The food provided will be limited to rice gruel (porridge), vegetable soup, boiled vegetables or mashed potatoes with a small number of side dishes. Raw salads and fruits are to be strictly avoided.

According to the condition of the guest, the physician will decide the dosage and the number of days of ghee therapy.

The number of days of snehapanam – ghee therapy can vary from 2-7 days.

During the days of snehapanam – ghee therapy you should follow all the instructions from the physician.


After having clarified butter, you may drink half a glass of hot water to clear the coated feeling in the mouth. Drink only hot water. Drink whenever you are thirsty, but only sip by sip or half a glass at a time.

Have food only when you are hungry.

Complete rest is advisable from the second day of ghee therapy. Avoid swimming, sunbathing, exposure to too much wind, physical exercises and yoga.

Try to meditate. This is a sacred time to spend in introspection and reflection.


Do not sleep during day time. If needed, you can sit and snooze in a chair.

Abstain from sexual activities.

Yoga or exercises should not be practised from the second day of ghee therapy.

Do not indulge in activities that drain your energy such as loud talking, swimming, long-distance walking, arguments, getting angry, overthinking, worrying and using electronic gadgets like mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Things you need to know about Snehapanam – Ghee Therapy 

During ghee therapy,  your hunger will be delayed and, in some cases, there will be the absence of hunger for a long time. In such cases drink warm rice water to substitute for food.

In some rare cases, low energy and mood swings are observed during the ghee treatment. This happens because there is an intense cleansing happening in your body.  This is just like how a soiled plate, at the time of washing, can appear dirty before it becomes completely clean. The mood swings can be taken care of by observing silence, meditation, introspection, resting or reading good books. It is also natural to get the urge to vomit or have loose/liquid stools. So do not panic, please inform the physician for any guidance.

If you have the urge to vomit, a piece of lemon will be provided for tasting (sucking) and that will help to reduce the sensation. For those who have an aversion towards consuming medicated ghee, the physician will guide you which will help you to consume it without difficulties.

The more you are able to rest physically and mentally, the better the therapeutic outcome you will achieve. No other intense treatment will be carried out during ghee therapy as it makes a person very tired.