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Sitaram Beach Retreat

Imagine few days - cut off from the hectic world, with its stress, deadlines, pressure, emotional turmoil, and the daily rush.

In the heart of God’s Own Country, the cultural capital of Kerala – Thrissur.

Amidst lush greenery facing the golden sands of Arabian sea, rich culture, authentic tradition, you can now literally laugh your way (see laughter therapy) to good health and healthy living in a healthy environment.

With trained Ayurveda physicians, skilled healing therapists, and yoga gurus, you can indulge yourself to a healthy treat for the body and the mind reaching that often-heard never-experienced state of perfect health.

Explore the Retreat

Sitaram Beach Retreat
This is not a leisure resort but a healing and spiritual overall well-being destination
All you have to do is decide to come here, and the hardest part is over.

Package Reservation

You will fall in love with this beach retreat if

You want to improve the quality of your sleep, digestion & energy.

You like to laugh often and indulge in laughter yoga

You love authentic Ayurveda & Hatha Yoga, to improve vitality and cleanse your body.

You deeply desire to form healthy habits that helps you attain a near- blissful state.

You are interested in the secrets of health and positive emotions and are willing to practice it.

You like to meditate, dream, relax and connect with nature.

You love to walk across the exotic golden sands of a clean and natural beach listening to the waves.

You want to increase cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and creativity through our self development sessions.

Prakriti Analysis

This is a simple test to determine
your unique psychosomatic temperament and help you make the right decisions for better living.
Do remember, there is no good or bad Prakriti.

Click here to take the test . . Before and after blood reports

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