The Correct Way to do Panchakarma as per Ayurveda

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By Vignesh Devraj

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The human body is a reservoir that is nurtured with the help of food that we intake and hence there will be reminiscing of the food particles inside our body. But the food items that we gobble nowadays are more of toxic chemicals and preservatives that can provoke various health hazards to our bodies. More than healthy vegetables and fruits that contain fibers and proteins, food that we are having nowadays is more fat and carbohydrates that cause hostile effects on the body due to the presence of extravagant preservatives and indigestible substances in them. Not only are these food items not equipping any enrichment but they are also creating more and more health jeopardies to the body. Diabetes, obesity, cardiac and respiratory malfunctioning, and malabsorption of nutrition are some of the typical ailments that are induced due to the accumulation of these toxic food substances in our bodies. Excess accumulation of these food remnants can turn out to be poisonous to our bodies and cause various illnesses and disorders in our bodies even leading to death. Hence once in a while, internal purification is extremely necessary for the body. The natural and authentic way of Cleansing the body internally can be done through the Panchakarma process mentioned in the Ayurveda treatment. Let’s get to know what Panchakarma is.


A therapy schedule for the body, mind, and consciousness that cleanses and rejuvenates the damaged internal organs and tissues. Panchakarma is an inner cleansing technique that is employed to tidy up all the internal organs and excessively accumulated dosha that is vitiated inside myriad kinds of maladies in the body. As the name signifies Panchakarma consist of five major therapies :

  • Basti (decoction enema)
  • Vamana (emesis treatment)
  • Virechanam (purgatory treatment)
  • Nasya (installation of Ayurvedic herbs)
  • Rakta moksha (bloodletting)

Based on the accumulation of the dosa that is predominant in the body, cleansing is done. Each panchakarma procedure is stipulated to a certain dosha that is aggravated inside the body. The Panchakarma procedure has three stages.

  1. Purvakarma (pre-operative)

The first stage is Purvakarma, where oleation therapy and sweating is done in order to melt the hard aggravated doshas and toxins amassed in the body.

2. Pradhana karma (main-procedure)

In Pradhanakarma, a specialized treatment is provided to eliminate impurities, and rekindle the system.

3. Paschathat karma(post-operative)

The third stage is Paschatkarma, where a rehabilitation plan with healthy diet, rest, and lifestyle modifications is advised to stave off the recurrence of the disease.

The Benefits Of Panchakarma

  • Sanctifies the body completely
  • Augments the metabolic rate
  • Lessening of toxic levels present in our body
  • Internal organs and tissues rejuvenation
  • Relief from mental distress
  • Weight loss
  • The impediments in the channels are cleared.
  • Refines digestion
  • Boosts immunity
  • Refreshments to the body
  • Enhances sound sleep


The enema therapy focuses on retaining the Vata dosha. Vata is the major etiological facet that causes major diseases if controlled and maintained can give better longevity to your life. The large intestine and bone tissues are said to be the central location of Vata and hence the medicated enema is mostly administered rectally. And hence the medication goes promptly and deeper into the tissues and corrects the Vata-aggravated disorders.


Also called therapeutic vomiting, the sodhana done by Vamana mainly focuses on the Kapha dosha in our body. During the aggravated stage, it gets amassed in unwanted channels and causes impediments. It causes congestion in the respiratory system and hence Vamana is administered to eliminate the excessive Kapha. Elimination of these despised products brings instant relief to the individual. Conditions like congestion, wheezing, breathlessness, a feeling of distress, etc will be eliminated and a state of mental peace is attained. This therapeutic vomiting is also implied in Chronic asthma, oedema, lymphatic congestion, etc.


The purgation therapy is done to curtail the aggravation of the Pitta dosha. Through purgation, the sediment bile, fat, and pitta in the body which can induce various diseases like skin irritations, pigmentations, jaundice, acne, etc can be controlled. Being under the use of a drugged laxative, the body will not dehydrate and a proper diet to be discerned for the balance of the doshas throughout the treatment time.


The nasal administration of a medication is called Nasya and it is one of the major direct routes to the head and brain. Prana, the life force, has an effective role in the sensory and motor functioning of the body, and all the neuro activities take place in the brain. Hence administration of Nasya can revitalize your nervous system, improves your memory and intellect, and prevents frequent headaches and related diseases. It is one of the best healings indicated for Sinusitis, and certain eye and ear problems as well.


One of the ancient therapies that are adapted from nature and its innovation is bloodletting therapy. As the name implies, here the aggravated rakta, or the blood that is vitiated due to the presence of toxins in the body is taken out. Pitta being a product of the disintegrated cells of the blood can also cause vitiation of rakta and hence the ailment related to rakta and pitta can be alleviated through bloodletting therapy. A natural factor that is used for this motive is leeches. In conditions like Eczema, scabies, chronic itching, and hives, bloodletting therapy is inferred.

The fast-moving lifestyle that the contemporary generation is having is a tremendous one. Everything in a span of finger touch is available in front of them. That bound even though it makes our lives easier and fast-moving, it has brought along some major unevenness in our bodies. The awry diet, unhealthy habits, foods and lifestyle, repressed emotions and work stress, etc wholly are altering the balance of tridosha to an inappropriate or toxic level. The least proportion of people is anxious about the lazy poisoning they are doing to their bodies, causing the output of toxic entities in their bodies and decreasing their metabolic rate. This once-compiled toxic substance can slowly affect the vital functioning of the body resulting in the birth of certain benign or malignant disorders. And It is a high necessity that your body undergoes deep internal cleansing.

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