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Eyes are the most fragile sense organs and need particular caution and care. Our eyes are being overused more than ever, especially with the increased use of gadgets in the last few decades. An all-natural, holistic approach to eye care is recommended by Ayurveda to improve vision and health.

In today’s world, eye diseases and poor vision are fairly frequent. The speed at which eyesight deteriorates has been accelerated by sedentary, unhealthy, polluting lifestyles and endless hours in front of screens. The onset of near-sightedness or farsightedness in children as young as 5 to 6 years old. The basic chemistry of nutrition has been altered as a result of pollution and genetically engineered food, which is now interfering with the biology of our organ systems. A few issues to start with include squint, corneal scarring, cataracts, dry eyes, eye allergies, and diabetic retinopathy. As per the Ayurvedic view, the eyes are considered to be the seat of pitta dosha and need proper care to cool and lubricate regularly.

Let’s see a few Ayurvedic tips and treatments for eyes

  • Triphala eye wash – This is the most common and simple ritual to keep your eyes healthy. Use one teaspoon of the powder in 200 ml of clean water to make a cup of Triphala tea. Use a cotton cloth or strainer to filter this liquid when it has cooled. Use this Triphala decoction for 5-7 minutes on each side in an eye cup. The astringent properties of the Triphala berries initially produce mild burning. It feels cold and cozy as the eyes adjust to it. This works well for chronic dry eyes, red eyes, inflamed conjunctiva, and sty. It is best to do it twice a day for best results. Doing the eye wash regularly with Triphala Kashaya will destroy all eye diseases and protect the eyes.
  • Use of Triphala ghritha on a regular basis will protect from dryness, redness and itchiness of the eyes.
  • It is good to apply Anjana (Collyrium), daily as a routine regimen to protect eyes and to drain out excess Kapha from the eyes; as eye can be easily afflicted with diseases.

Acharyas has mentioned about the Kriyakalpas which includes the Tarpana, Putpaka, Seka, Aschyotana and Bidalaka.

Akshi or Netra Tarpana

Akshi Tarpana is a process to make sure the health of the eyes. It refreshes, lubricates, and cools the eyes. This technique improves blood flow and strengthens eyesight. According to modern pharmacology, the permeability of a drug depends on the different layers present in the area. The cornea’s endothelium and epithelium are both highly permeable to lipid content, however the stroma is only permeable to water content. Drugs that are soluble in fat or water can therefore easily reach these layers. When applied to the eyes, medications with the ability to enter tiny bodily channels penetrate deeper into the layers of dhatus.

The therapy is very helpful for treating various eye conditions as well as for relaxing the eyes. Netra Tarpana has been used for enhancing eyesight since ancient times and is especially helpful for persons who spend a lot of time late at night in front of computers.

Akshi Putapaka Vidhi-

After the Netra tarpana eyes become fatigued. So, in order to restore strength to the eyes, Putapaka therapy should be followed. Putapaka is a process in which lukewarm medicinal juice (swarasa), created with the aid of putapaka vidhi, is made to remain stagnant in the eyes for a predicted amount of time.

The medication is transported to the inner layers of the eyes during putapaka due to warmth, keeping them in contact with the epithelium. Through its therapeutic effects, it aids in clearing blockages in the eye’s drainage pathways, boosts circulation, revs up cell production, and clears the eyes of debris and dead skin cells.

Netra seka

Netra seka is a procedure where medicated liquids are poured on the closed eyes from a height of 4 Angulas (4 Inches) in a thin and continuous stream for a prescribed time.

The procedure nourishes tired, dry, rough and injured eyes. Further strengthens the nerves and muscles of the eyes to give freshness. Also increases the circulation of the facial muscles and facial nerves.


Aschothana is a unique procedure done for eye disorders. in this procedure, the medicated drops are surged on the open eyes from a height of two inches and is the first line of treatment for most eye diseases. Beneficial in treating the inflammatory conditions of the eye, strengthens the nerves and muscles of the eyes and improves the blood circulation in tiny blood channels present.


Bidalaka is an interesting therapy that is performed by applying the medicated herbal paste over the eyelids leaving eyelashes for a prescribed time in a prescribed thickness. It is the best to combat refractive errors, dry eyes, conjunctivitis, eye strain, cataract, night blindness, and stiffness around the eyes.

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