Takradhara Treatment in Ayurveda & Its Benefits

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Takradhara Treatment in Ayurveda & Its Benefits

Takradhara is one of the Panchakarma techniques that is frequently used in the treatment of numerous chronic ailments. It is a unique therapy in which medicated buttermilk is continuously poured onto the forehead in a precise pattern in a stream that is very continuous. Takradhara is effective in the treatment of Psychosomatic Illnesses, Hypertension, Diabetes, Autism, ADHD, Insomnia, and the control of emotional and behavioural tendencies.

Natural treatments, therapies, and medications currently receive the vast majority of global attention. Treatments like panchakarma which is the pinnacle of Ayurvedic purification for both the body and the mind has been widely used. The fact that Panchakarma is essentially relevant to treat a variety of conditions for their preventative, curative, and promotional conditions add to its popularity.

As humans, we are all aware that social and workplace environments are causing an increasing number of people to have mental and psychosomatic problems. Ayurveda has mentioned treatments for psychosomatic diseases and these therapies are helpful in the current materialistic era.

Takradhara poured in a continuous stream over the forehead helps to communicate with the deepest recesses of the brain by soothing the Marmas. Marmas are key points correlated with the vital energy of the body. On stimulation of Marma points, the immune system gets activated in the body. Takradhara stimulates these Marmas and improves blood circulation to the brain. This results in bettering the higher intellectual functions also. So an improvement in psychic symptoms is achieved.

An improvement in blood circulation to the hypothalamus also improves the function of the Autonomic Nervous System.  As a result, it ensures an active functioning of the pituitary gland, pineal body, subcortical structures of the midbrain related to mental functions like anger, grief, pain, fear, memory and other higher mental functions.

Duration of the Treatment:

Depending on the doshas aggravated i.e. – vata and pitta dosha, the duration shall be decided. For effective results, a continuous 7 to 14 days of therapy is required. It shall be followed by periodic treatments which enable sustainable good health.

Preparation of medicine and the Procedure

Take 1.5 litres of milk and dilute with 4 times water. Boil this mixture with 100g of skinned and crushed Musta tied in a muslin bag, and reduce the liquid to original quantity of milk. The bag tied with Musta is taken out and should be squeezed well. When cooled, sour buttermilk needs to be added and kept overnight. The next morning the fermented medicated curd is to be churned by adding 500ml of Amalaki kwatha. The butter is removed completely and this mixture is used for dhara after filtering.

Since it is done as a shamana therapy no special preparation is required. Application of the oil over the scalp before Takradhara is practised. Suitable oils according to disease conditions are selected by the physician for this purpose. The eyes should be covered with eye pads and gauze should be tied around the head above the eyebrows as it prevents from flowing of medication. The ear should be plugged with two cotton pieces.

Patient should lie down on the droni in supine position. A small pillow can be placed under the neck for assured support. The dhara pot should be arranged in such a way as to allow steady flowing of the liquid, poured over the forehead of the patient. The tip of dhara varti should be at a distance of  4-5 cm above the forehead of the patient and total wick length should be 8- 10cm. The used takra which is falling in the droni should be collected in the vessel and used again. The vessel should always be continuously oscillated, so that the takra will fall into the patient’s entire forehead without interruption. It is recommended to take rest for the same amount of time as the time of treatment and then take a shower. After bath, application of Rasanadi choornam over the center of head is a common practice.

Benefits of Takradhara

  • Highly effective in treating insomnia, stress and anxiety
  • Combats Hypertension by relaxing the nervous system
  • Effective treatment of premature greying of hair, hair loss and hair fall
  • Aids in better results for diabetes and diabetic neuropathy
  • Gives good results in memory loss and depression

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