Importance Of Coconut Oil In Ayurveda

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By Vignesh Devraj

importance of coconut oil

The role of coconut oil as a food component, that is used for both external and internal poultices, has a high margin to reach. A component named Lauric Acid is responsible for the multi-talent of coconut oil that makes it explicit from other oils as it contains the highest amount of Lauric acid next to breastmilk.

Moreover, this component has anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that conduct both internally and externally. This beauty elixir indeed is rich with various kinds of health and beauty benefits. It’s high time that we scour them and make favorable use of our kitchen companion for our necessities as well.


From the food that nourishes our body a day to the life-saving machines that we rely on, everything in this world is reliant on various oils. Edible oil, petroleum byproducts of oil, and many more are an impending part of our day-to-day life.

Among their gang, there is one gentleman who is our mate both internally and externally. Derived from the coconut palm fruit with its distinct aroma, COCONUT OIL is an edible white solid fat that is nurturing and appealing.

Yes, you heard it right. A multipurpose raw product that is contented with diverse health contents and beauty windfalls. En-route from the ancestral therapeutic and natural wealth, coconut oil is an inevitable component of the traditional era. Be it an ailment, a skin rash, indigestion, a scalp issue, one route or the other, coconut oil leaves behind its wonderful label authentically.

Feverish to know the myriad advantages of Coconut Oil?

SITARAM is here to share the mastery heeding the Importance of Coconut Oil In Ayurveda.

Kalpa Vriksha, word-for-word a tree that hoards everything crucial to life and hence Ayurveda refers Coconut tree to be the Kalpa Vriksha. One of the most debated & discussed dietary substances for its intentions is coconut oil. Around 2000 years ago, from the era of Susruta Samhita,  it is well utilized in the Ayurvedic medicinal formulations and treatment therapies as well as in Indian Customs.

Let’s categorize these ethical purposes of coconut oil for a better understanding. Irrespective of its inner and outer entreaty, coconut oil mainly bears as:

A Nutriment:

  • A luxurious and nutritive pre-bath massage in infants to old-aged, as well post-bath hydration can be done using virgin coconut oil.
  • In Ayurvedic medications, coconut oil is yearned to be used in Gandusha, oral detoxification to enhance healthy gums and teeth by swishing the pure oil in the mouth for a few minutes.
  • When it comes to newborns and infants, lauric acid contributes to prudent sustenance for the baby skin and also refines skin conditions like diaper rash, flaky skin, eczema etc.
  • Moreover, it is a promising source of Antioxidants that aid in neutralizing the damaging molecules which in return ward off numerous chronic and degenerative maladies. It also enacts on ameliorating secondary diabetic complications.

Skin Companion

  • Psoriasis, eczema, redness, flaky skin and many other arrays of skin diseases can be dealt with with coconut oil. It furthermore helps in mending minor wounds, cuts, abrasions and scrapes in our trunk.
  • Moreover, the rehabilitation of the lipid barrier function of the skin, augmenting the cross-linking of collagens can curtail the chance of forming stretch marks that also mandates to be the safest oil for massages in the case of pregnant women.
  • UV rays, pollution and hormonal imbalances are formal in this metro life leading to sagging and dull skin. Hence, the triglycerides in coconut oil assure the timely repair of the collagens and upgrade the skin health making it more robust and younger.

Hair Guardian

  • The configuration of coconut oil i.e its molecular load and contour is capable of penetrating deep into the roots of the hair.
  • For preparing hair oil, no other oil is as accurate and effective as a base like coconut oil. The hair upswing will be fostered, the resilience and integrity of the hair will be improved.
  • In addition, regular and adequate usage of coconut oil on hair can fetch your hair a lustrous texture. It also benefits in eliminating dandruff and dry scalp.
  • Also, a gentle head massage with a few drops can steer to solace from mental fatigue and stress.

Health Objectives

  • One of the most reliable lards that doesn’t go rancid and is continually used in Ayurvedic formulations due to its potential to clasp the properties of the herbs and drugs mixed along with it. Being the footing in many formulations and processed with assorted medicinal herbs, considerable Ayurvedic medicines are formulated for both shallow and innermost application.
  • It is a high coolant nutrient-rich oil which is Madhura rasa (candy in taste), Guru guna (bulk stimulating nature) and provides Bala (strength) to the body. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in abolishing the excess deposition of Vata and Pitta dosha in our body and is hence used for senility, emaciation etc.
  • Besides, it is also effective in various respiratory conditions like Pneumonia in children.

Apart from these major benefits of oil, Coconut Milk plays a vital role in our life. The robust fats in coconut milk ameliorate your cravings and appetite thus aiding in weight loss. It incorporates antioxidants, helps in electrolyte balance, and thereby strengthens the immune system. Healthy hair and skin, curbing anemic conditions, anti-inflammatory properties, and advancement of gastrointestinal health are other major factors of coconut milk.

Tender Coconut Water is a naturally low-calorie and fat-free drink that supports maintaining skin health and digestive health. It has high hydration properties thereby boosting immunity along with refreshing flavor.

Even though coconut oil is 100% fat, it is mandatory to decipher that 90% of the oil embodies saturated fat that is composed of Lauric acid and Medium Carbon Chains. Hence a limited and smug usage of coconut oil in our daily diet regimen can boost the good HDL cholesterol.

A ubiquitous in Indian homes, inevitable part of Thai dishes, a multi-purposing beauty elixir, and what not else. Being the esoteric labeled tropical oil, coconut oil can resuscitate an entire human body through its numerous beauty and remedial properties that are incompatible with other processed and refined oils.

A drop of virgin coconut oil can supplant a spoon of processed oil. When you prefer to include oil into your daily wage knowing it’s unwholesome when limits exceed, why can it be a healthy fat that benefits your longevity?

A wholesome oil bends your existence upside down in a positive way if you bring about a fair habit of it. When science is still disputing whether coconut oil is healthy or not, our Acharyas ages back labeled it to be the healthfullest among the whole community of oils by understanding its properties and windfalls.

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