How Ayurvedic Massage helps to Relieve Pain

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By Vignesh Devraj

ayurvedic massage therapy

How many times have you been troubled with severe throbbing pain that stops you from doing all your activities? How many times have you thought of authentic solutions for your trouble? Ayurvedic massage treatment is the best option to reduce the incidences of pain that you experience!

How many times have you had that throbbing sensation hampering your daily movements? How many times have you had to shift your trekking plans to avoid its occurrence? Aren’t you tired of trying all those ointments and balms that give you temporary relief? Don’t you want something that can relieve these pains permanently?

From back pain to knee pain to various other joint pains, pain is a constant factor in our lives. The earlier joint ache was a phenomenon seen only as age progresses. But with our sedentary lifestyle where exercise is highly compromised and the diet is not rich in nutrients, joint pain and inflammation are even common among youngsters. Combined with this pain is the vicious cycle of incompatible food and regimen many of us recklessly follow. While a deranged diet style might seem to have no connection with joint, pain, Ayurveda understands the concept differently.

Causes of Joint pain

According to Ayurveda, having an optimal digestive fire is the key to a disease-free life. When this fire is misjudged and various weird combinations of incompatible food varieties experiment, it results in the formation of Ama, or the product of improper digestion. This factor further abates the fire and reduces the nutrient reach to various tissue elements and the stagnation of doshic entities. Thus the formation of various systemic dysfunctions, the chief being joint pain.

How to manage pain through Ayurveda?

Ayurveda focuses on the elimination of this vitiated end product to optimize the functioning of the body using authentic Panchakarma procedures. Ayurvedic massage is a part of all Panchakarma procedures where external Oleation is an essential step in initiating detox procedures. Abhyanga or external oil massage is of various forms. It is done depending on the dosha predominance and the extent of vitiation of tissue elements.

Ayurvedic massage techniques include dry powder massage called Udvarthanam. When this powder is mixed with oil, which is usually done to reduce its coarse action on the skin, particularly in old age, it is called Utsadana. Other forms of Ayurvedic massages are Mardana, Unmardana, Patana, and Chooshana.

Why massage relieves pain?

Massaging the area having edema helps to relieve the pain, inflammation, and its associated signs as it improves localized circulation. When tactile and temperature sensations are activated in particular dermatomes, it triggers the corresponding nerve fibers and reduces pain sensations.

According to the concept of Ayurveda, massage stimulates the Tiryak Vaha Dhamani situated on the pore of hair follicles. When medicated oil seeps through these minute-transferring pores, it helps to reduce the accumulation of vitiated Vata entities. As oil directly helps to normalize this Vata due to its unctuousness and warmth, Ayurvedic massage for body pain is highly beneficial.

What are the Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage?

Although Abhyanga help to normalize the body mechanisms in general, they specifically improve:

  • Enhance digestive fire
  • Regulates skin responses
  • Improves the texture of skin
  • Reduces the frequency of rashes and other allergic manifestations of the skin
  • Improves sense faculties especially vision
  • Improves joint strength and stability
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Improves joint motility and range of movements

What are the medications used?

The medications used for Ayurvedic therapies are highly dependent on each individual, their innate constitution or prakrithi, age, extent of damage to the underlying structures, the need for reconstruction of the tissues, and others.

There are no specific pain relief medicines in ayurveda, they are used according to the condition of each patient and their impending maladies. Yet an ayurvedic pain relief massage oil usually adopted is Dhanvantram Taila for its most potent action on Vata pain relief. Tailas are ayurvedic pain relief medicine used for pain relief massage. Dhanvantaram Taila is the best ayurvedic massage oil for body pain on external application. It may be mixed with other, Tailas or can be used independently. Apart from these Pinda Taila, Karpooradi Taila, etc are among the others.

Muscle pain treatment in ayurveda is chiefly employed using Abhyanga. Osteoarthritis treatment employed using Ayurvedic massage techniques which improve blood circulation has shown exceptional results in patients. With enriched blood circulation to the muscle, it relaxes the surrounding structures like ligaments and tendons and improves joint articulation.

Ayurvedic massage for back pain involves eliminating the rigidity of the muscles using Mardana as the technique on the lower back muscles. Massaging the areas using mild pressure under a lukewarm temperature to reduce stiffness. Moreover, massage is optimal for Vata pain relief.

How to do an ayurvedic massage?

Ayurvedic massage for body pain is best done at the center by trained professionals. As this massage technique involves stimulating various pressure points of the body, it helps relieve the Vata aggravation and reduce pain sensations. Normally an Abhyanga is done for 45 min on the whole body. In certain conditions, where massage is required in specific areas like an ayurvedic massage for knee pain, the procedure only lasts for 20 to 39 minutes.

Which massage is good for body pain?

General oil massage is most beneficial for body pain. Yet, the type of massage is adopted according to the condition of the ailment. Pizhichil is the Ayurvedic massage oil for pain while mardana is done at a mildly inflammatory stage and Pada mardana is done where severe damage has happened to the working muscles.

Here at Sitaram, we offer an Ayurvedic massage experience equivalent to none other. When the massage calms your mind and body, that’s when a therapy can be claimed as the best Ayurvedic massage. We intend to optimize your deranged mental fluctuations and to align them within optimal doshic levels to attain a perfectly balanced body. Ayurvedic massage for body pain is the best option you can consider for Vata pain relief.

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