Covid And Ayurveda – Immunity Booster Naturally

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By Vignesh Devraj

covid and ayurveda

The entire human race is suffering due to the Covid 19 epidemic. Improving the body’s natural defense system (immunity) is crucial to maintaining good health. We are all aware that prevention is preferable to treatment. While there is no cure for COVID-19, it is prudent to take preventative actions to build our immunity. From an Ayurvedic perspective, the pathophysiology of infection with the Covid 19 virus may be described by understanding it to be a Samsargaja/ Aupasargika (infectious) in nature. The degree of vitiation of TriDosha varies depending on the severity of infection or the affected person’s Sharira Bala (immunity).

How can Ayurveda boost immunity naturally?

The ultimate vitalizing energy in Ayurveda is known as ‘Ojas’, and it is believed to be situated at the heart.  Any disease is believed to be a lack of deviation in the Ojas. Individuals are more prone to disease conditions, allergies, and infections in such situations. Ayurveda also emphasizes mental imbalances or psychological tensions that cause the fluctuation in Ojas. 

Acharyas says that our mental emotions reflect our bodies, whether good or bad. For example, too much worry, anger, guilt, or jealousy leads to fatigue and causes harm to the body in terms of lowering your immunity. The other factors may include low physical activity, metabolic issues, overconsumption of unhealthy or junk food, environmental factors like pollution, etc. show on the immunity or health of an individual.

Studies have also proven that intake of artificial food, preservatives, or additives restricts the body’s capacity to recover from infections or allergies. As a result, the body is vulnerable to various health conditions. The other common problem which arises due to immunity are allergies, insomnia, fatigue, lack of appetite, lethargy, indigestion, breathing issues, and more.

How do increase immunity naturally?

A healthy diet and exercise should be a part of our life to keep our immune system intact. Few habits to be looked upon are –

  • Abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol
  • The body should be given adequate rest and sleep
  • Maintain hygienic practices to avoid health emergencies and catching infections
  • Mental well-being should be ensured. Focus on mental health and avoid stress
  • Ayurveda experts say immunity problems may also occur as part of seasonal changes. Proper food habits and a healthy regimen is the secret to keeping health intact
  • Simple foods over unhealthy ones – fresh and homemade foods are the best to keep our system healthy. Fresh veggies, fruits, dairy products, legumes, and whole grains should be a part of a daily diet. These contain a lot of nutrients required for the body to process. On the other hand, processed or preserved food does not digest easily and lowers the body’s immune system
  • Use spices that improve the immune system – spices are an integral part of good digestion. Regular usage of garlic, ginger, coriander, methi seeds, turmeric, cumin, black pepper, and asafetida helps aid better digestion. In addition, they contain properties that boost the immune system because they can provide nutrition and detoxify the body. Turmeric, cumin, and black pepper are the best example of spices that detoxify and rejuvenate the immune system.
  • Regular exercise or yoga – exercise regularly, which keeps the body active with proper metabolism. In addition, yoga calms the mind and releases stress hormones which help to boost the immunity naturally

Check out the following Ayurvedic medicines to increase immunity –

  • Yashtimadhu – commonly known as Mulethi, the drug plays a vital role in treating respiratory conditions. The plant pacifies the aggravated Pitta. In addition, licorice can improve the interferon levels in the body. Interferons regulate the entry of pathogens into the body. Yashtimadhu is an effective Ayurvedic immunomodulator as it protects from respiratory tract infection, and skin conditions and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Yashtimadhu powder (1/2 to 1 teaspoonful) with plain water helps build immunity after meals.
  • Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha is an ayurvedic immunity booster that calms the nerves and balances the excess Vata Dosha in the body. It has natural steroids that act on the mind and helps in relaxation. Mix the Ashwagandha powder in a warm milk or water glass and consume it daily.
  • Tulasi – Tulasi is one of the best ayurvedic immunity boosters. It can be used in almost every medical condition. The plant possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties, protecting us from external infections. The drug is commonly used to treat respiratory diseases like allergic rhinitis, common cold, and cough. In addition, Tulasi works wonders for maintaining blood sugar levels.
  • Amla – Amla is a natural reservoir for vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in boosting the body’s immunity. It helps to improve metabolism as well. As a result, the Tridoshas are maintained and pacified. Amla works well as a detoxifier and aids in proper liver functioning. The plant fights against several harmful viruses and bacteria that may cause flu or cold. Amla has the presence of polyphenols capable of restricting cell growth in cancer conditions. 2 or 3 fruits can be taken daily to boost immunity in Ayurveda.
  • Neem – neem is enriched with antimicrobial properties and is one of the best blood purifiers. The plant is capable enough to fight against fungal or bacterial infections in the body. Chewing 8-10 neem leaves or drinking neem tea daily can turn out as the best ayurvedic medicine for immunity for you.

Ayush ministry suggests taking the following combination of Ayurvedic medicines to increase immunity

Few are –

  • Herbal tea – herbal tea prepared with Tulasi, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, and raisin helps keep the system intact. Add jaggery or fresh lime juice to compliment your taste.
  • Golden milk – milk prepared with turmeric powder can be consumed twice daily. This keeps the body healthy and fights against infections. Turmeric/ Haridra is a multifaceted ayurvedic medicine to boost immunity.
  • Clove powder mixed with honey or jaggery can be consumed twice daily. Chewing clove seeds can also be followed.

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