Benefits Of Ayurveda And How It Improves The Quality Of Life

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By Vignesh Devraj

ayurveda benefits

Ayurveda has been our ally on the way to wellness for over five thousand years. As a science that values the patient over the disease, Ayurveda is one of the rarest practices that offer both physical and mental well-being. It is an ancient but unparalleled science backed by scholarly wisdom and the experience of centuries. It teaches us that respecting our body and mind is the key to health. How can we do so? Let us look at where Ayurveda guides you.

Dinacharya- The Carpe Diem

We all love a perfect daily routine, don’t we? But most of the time we struggle to come up with a schedule that perfectly balances our day-to-day life and health. Weaving healthy habits into your daily today regimen is one way of saving yourself from the impending physical and mental worries as a preventive measure. Dinacharya, the routine suggested by Ayurveda can help you out here, to maintain a healthy schedule incorporated with discipline. Dinacharya is the set of principles that defines your day, from morning to night. Here is how you can lead a healthy lifestyle in the proper Ayurvedic way: –

  • Rise with the sun: – The hour between 4 AM -5:30 AM, or the Brahma Muhurta is the ideal time to wake up. It is the time when Vata dosha is prevalent in your body so that the Vata- controlled neurological, respiratory, circulatory and excretory functions are at their top. Our mind is most sharp during this time. If these are not enough, just imagine waking up to a serene surrounding, into the tranquility of bird songs and mild golden glow on the east while mist lingers in the backdrop. Tempting, isn’t it?
  • Rinse and shine: – splashing cold water onto your face first thing in the morning may sound tough, but it is a perfect way to shake your sleepy spirit and restore the freshness. Also brushing the teeth and cleaning the tongue makes you feel clean. You can use Ayurvedic tooth powder for brushing. Rinsing the mouth with medicated oils can help prevent diseases of the oral cavity and gums.
  • Know your bowel: – A good bowel movement is the subtlest symptom of perfect health. Ayurveda has a variety of medicines that kindle the digestive fire so that it can smoothen your bowel movements too.
  • Massage: – Ayurveda prescribes a daily oil massage, especially on the head, ear lobes and soles. It is said to mitigate tiredness, rejuvenate the skin and positively impact blood circulation.
  • Exercise: – Yoga has the postures aligned with respiratory rhythm. It helps to unlock the potential of your body you never knew existed and helps to manage some disease conditions. Also, breathing exercises like Pranayama are highly helpful in reducing stress and anxiety levels and increasing focus.
  • Bath: – bathing is one of the daily activities that freshen up both the body and mind and provides strength. Using herb-infused water or water boiled with neem leaves etc. can make the bath an A-one experience. Lukewarm water is indicated for the body bath while it is contra-indicated for the head bath.
  • Sleep: – proper sleep is a way of disconnecting temporarily from the world and is more energizing than we think. It helps in memory consolidation, relaxation of bodily systems, and most importantly recharge the mind.

Ritucharya – The Seasonal Savior

Ritu means season. Different seasons can affect your body differently. Ayurveda describes 6 seasons namely sisira (winter), vasantha (spring), grishma (summer), varsha(monsoon), sarat (autumn)and hemanta (pre-winter)and prescribes specific methods of protecting the body and mind during the passage of seasons. Each season requires unique food and regimens according to the dosha aggravation.

Purification Therapies

Shodhana or the purification therapies are the means to eliminate the aggravated Doshas from the body and restore balance. This is done by 3 means- vamana, virechana, vasti and bloodletting. Vamana is the process of eliminating the increased Kapha Dosha through vomiting. Virechana is the bowel cleaning through which increased Pitta dosha is expelled. Vasti or the enema is one of the prime treatment modalities through which the aggravated Vata is eliminated. Bloodletting is done when there is vitiated blood present on the body. All these treatments should be done according to the strength of the patient as well as the disease, by qualified physicians.

Yoga- Fitness, Flexibility and Finesse

Yoga needs no introduction in today’s world. It helps you unleash the true potential of your body and soothes your mind while ensuring you fitness and flexibility. Enabling the free flow of endorphins and serotonin, Yoga decreases the activity of the limbic system and favours logical functioning over emotional activities and thereby reducing stress and anxiety. Breathing techniques like Pranayama polish the mind and increase the oxygen supply to the brain. Different Yoga postures have different effects on the body and can be used in a curative aspect. Also, each Yoga posture has its complementary posture so that it is well-balanced.

The Beauty Bestower

Life is much better with soft, supple skin and smooth, shiny hair. A proper Ayurvedic routine can help you attain your beauty goals, no matter how impossible you think they are. Ayurveda has a plethora of medicated oils and bath powders that can vanish your dermatological worries and provide you with healthy skin. The hair oils with powerful keshya (hair growth booster)herbs and hair-friendly organic shampoos will be suitable companions for hair health. Organic scrubs, exfoliators, moisturizers, kajal, lip balms etc are trending in the market and have proven to be highly useful. The thing to be noted is that these are not merely beauty enhancers, but the tools that promote the health of the skin, hair etc.

Ayurveda, as we know, is not only a treatment modality, but a way of living that could be adopted by anybody. It has a unique approach towards health and wellness and values the patient. Ayurveda, the holistic healer has the potential to touch your core and mend you inside and out. Let it be prevention or cure, this science answers most with the help of its unique theories and principles. In the current scenario where people are so lost in worldly pleasures, Ayurveda is a soothing touch that helps you connect with your inner self and makes your body and mind feel valid.

 Let us return to our roots and embrace the goodness long forgotten!

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