Ayurvedic Treatment For Arthritis

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By Vignesh Devraj

ayurvedic treatment for joint pain

Joint pain is a severe problem that affects not only the elderly but also the younger population. Knees, hands, hips, spine, and feet discomfort can range from minor to severe. These areas may seem uncomfortable, achy, or stiff when you first wake up, but they will loosen up as you move. Day by day, people are spending less time engaged in physical activity. Inactivity of the mind and body has increasingly plagued us, and as a result, individuals are suffering from muscle and joint discomfort. Constant discomfort can lead to more significant problems in the future.

A variety of factors can cause joint pain. For example, metabolic toxins known as “Ama” collect in your joints over time, causing them to swell and pain, according to Ayurveda. Other infections, overexertion of joints or underuse due to a lack of physical exercise, and a lack of required nutrients, on the other hand, are the significant reasons.

Ayurvedic treatments and medicines for joint and muscular pain can help you feel better. At Sitaram Beach Retreat, we examine a person’s health conditions and symptoms to determine the appropriate treatment for joint pain. Joint pains, to an extent, can be relieved by Ayurvedic oils, which are the most effective Ayurvedic treatments for joint pain. However, many ailments, including arthritis and inflammation, are caused by an excess of Vata and lodged Kapha Dosha in the joints.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while using Ayurvedic medications will help you live a pain-free life. Instead of strenuous exercise, age and a lifestyle-appropriate program are required to prevent overused joints and muscles. A balanced and nutritious diet with adequate macro and micronutrient intake must be updated and planned. Remember to include fruits and nuts in your daily three meals. Last but not least, rest is just as crucial as action. In the working population, overworking causes joint and muscle pain. Make sure you get enough rest and maintain proper posture. For all your pain-relief needs, Sitaram Ayurveda has solutions for joint and muscle pain, which are all-natural; oils, tablets, and kashayams no matter what type of pain it is.

Ayurveda for Joint Pain

The unique constitution of the three Doshas in the human body — Vata, Pitta, and Kapha — is a crucial idea in Ayurveda. The physical, mental, and emotional state is best determined by balancing these Doshas at their respective levels. An imbalance in the Vata can stifle motor skills and cause muscular and joint problems. Vata imbalance causes a reduction in the absorption of essential nutrients that act as common fluids. Without it, the joints and muscles stiffen, making it difficult to perform various motor abilities. Sitaram Ayurveda has a variety of Ayurvedic medications for joint and muscle pain that have helped thousands of people.

Joint care is essential for living a meaningful life free of setbacks and health problems. Individuals who want to do this can look for the best Ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain and use it to get some relief. However, it’s critical to comprehend the causes of muscle and joint pain before that. While various body reactions or diseases may cause muscle and joint disorders, Ayurveda recognizes two main reasons: joint discomfort.

The first is the build-up of toxins due to bad lifestyle habits. These toxins are known as “Ama” in Ayurveda. The joints enlarge and radiate agony when this Ama lingers in them for a long time.  The underlying strength of the joint is the second cause. Finally, joint health is determined by your current bone density and a lack of required nutrients to the joints.

Ayurveda recommends a few therapeutic options to aid any muscle and joint deficits.

  • Using a combination of herbs and tailam (oils), even the most severe pain can be relieved.
  • Ayurveda offers a variety of therapeutic massages that can assist relieve stress caused by specific deficits. Every massage includes oils that blend herbal medicines that help relax muscles and strengthen them.
  • Ayurveda also provides several detoxification techniques that address the source of the problem.

Best Ayurvedic Medicines for Joint Pain

An enriching concoction of Kushta, Devadaru, Vacha, Karpura, and Bhustrina called Saplint plus liniment from Sitaram Ayurveda is one of the best ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain. The medicine enhances blood flow in the joints. Murivenna Thailam is excellent for calming and mending trauma or swelling. Dhanwantharam Thailam, Kottamchukkadi Thailam, and Mahanarayana Thailam are all good at reducing Vata Dosha in joints and healing health issues. Pinda Thailam is a cooling oil that relieves joint discomfort and targets excess Pitta Dosha (fire). Our tablet Sapsciatin is the best for relieving low back pain. Knee pain treatment in Ayurveda is very effective as it prevents further degeneration of the joints. Our single herbs like Guggulu and Sallaki are the best ayurvedic medicines for rheumatoid arthritis.

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