Ayurveda Resort – Importance Of Ayurveda In Hectic Lives

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By Vignesh Devraj

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Are you fed up being overworked? Don’t you think your body requires a nice vacation to get away from it all? How about a wellness retreat that promises health, happiness, tranquillity of the mind and soul? All these questions might pop up when you think of preferring an Ayurvedic resort for your wellness journey.

In the current day scenario, several harmful factors play a prime role in deteriorating our health. It may be a hectic lifestyle, irregular eating habits, improper sleep, lack of physical activities, etc. All these together contribute to a rapidly deteriorating health profile; in other words, the aging process accelerates, and the body undergoes considerable wear and tear. So we all need a place to come, relax and connect with nature and our inner self.

Ayurveda treats the body as a whole!

Ayurveda is a unique science, oldest in tradition, and holds a holistic approach towards health. Science embraces the connection between body, mind, and soul. Acharyas believed that creating this harmony can help us to prevent illness, acute diseases and contribute to a healthy self. This ancient healing system not just treats the symptoms; instead, it cures the conditions from the root. It profoundly detoxifies, cleanses, strengthens the dhatus (body tissues), clears the srotas (channels), and balances the doshas (humor).

Ayurveda is a pearl of immense time-tested wisdom that will help you to understand yourself better and love yourself. An Ayurvedic physician can help you understand your bodily elements, Prakruti (body constitution), physical, mental, and emotional qualities that work best for you. It also emphasizes teaching a wide range of daily routines that can help you balance the body and mind.

Life at Sitaram Beach Retreat 

Harmony, nourishment, and wellbeing interconnect our journey on this planet. From this philosophy arises a sentiment that Sitaram Beach Retreat is a leveler, where material differences are left outside, and individuals connect to nature without hindrance. When we are truly aware of this, we recognize our interdependence.

Sitaram Beach Retreat is a perfect choice for an ideal vacation with yourself. At Sitaram, we help you connect your highest self and transform physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We encourage you to take a break from your routines, unlearn the patterns and experience an ayurvedic way of life to reach your breakthrough. All our treatments are helpful to cleanse, rejuvenate and bring back body and mind into equilibrium.

Located on the coastlines of the Arabian Sea, Sitaram Beach Retreat is an ideal destination for a holistic healing experience. We behold our core values to heal, preach and propagate the ancient ayurvedic wisdom. The environment at Sitaram favors an individual to reconnect with mother nature and deep dive within.

At Sitaram beach retreat, our private living spaces bring together various elements of our design philosophy like traditional aesthetics, bespoke and natural materials, exceptional comfort, thoughtful design, and simplicity. The whole area covers 13 acres of land with beautifully planned luxury stone cottages, luxury wooden cottages, and wooden premium villas. All our living spaces evoke serenity and wellbeing, allowing guests to rest, reflect and connect with nature. We are very conscious of our ecology and have used sustainable materials wherever possible. All our cottages have an attached bath area and open sky shower with hot and cold water facilities.

Always remember, an opportunity to work on one’s welfare is precious. An ideal vacation can make you more productive, creative and boosts enthusiasm. So never leave a chance to connect with yourself, promote your mental health and body. Interestingly a study conducted concluded that people who took regular vacations at work were more productive and got good hikes at work. Therefore, there is no ideal time to come to Sitaram Beach Retreat; you can visit us anytime.


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