Ayurvedic Beauty Therapies- Revitalizing Treatments at Sitaram Retreat

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Ayurvedic Beauty Therapies Revitalizing Treatments at Sitaram Retreat Desktop

Ayurveda holds that beauty extends beyond the skin’s surface. It is the clearest external indication of your general health. Your physical, mental, and spiritual health can be seen in it. One of the first body care practises adopted by civilised humans was beauty care, or maintaining the attractiveness one is born with. Still, we do. With ancient herbal remedies like medicated Lepam, localised Abyangam, and other traditional methods of beauty enhancement, we at Sitaram Ayurvedic retreat can assist you in taking the initiative in this respect. Experience the tried-and-true methods that are customised to meet modern needs and take you to a new level.

Shiro Abhyangam – Head Massage

In addition to providing sensory enjoyment, a head massage also stimulates hair follicles and enhances blood flow to the scalp. After a long week at work, a head massage is a wonderful way to relieve stress. Depending on the oil used, it may also help with migraine symptoms, soothe tense muscles, encourage relaxation, and improve sleep. A light oil massage prevents concerns like hair thinning, hair loss, and other hair-related ailments. An Ayurvedic scalp massage should be performed once every week and lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.

Mukhabhyangam – Face Massage

Your skin can become dry and dull over time from improper care and nutrition. Your skin can be rejuvenated and given a youthful, natural glow with an Ayurvedic face massage. Ayurvedic oils and specialised techniques are used during Mukhabhyangam, a gentle face and neck massage, depending on your skin type. Mukhabhyangam entails applying light pressure to the three magic spots, which are the temples, the area surrounding the eyes, and the area behind the ears, in addition to its benefits for aesthetics. This may be helpful because it sends a calming signal to the brain, which encourages relaxation and enhances blood flow.

Mukhalepam – Herbal Face Pack

Ayurvedic Mukhalepam is a facial massage with oil that is followed by the application of a face pack. For skin renewal, the herbal face pack is made with a variety of Ayurvedic components. Regular use of herbal face packs may also lessen wrinkles and prevent discolouration. Your skin appears naturally youthful and beautiful as a consequence. Mukhalepam, one of the best facial beauty treatments, relaxes your tense muscles as you lay down with your eyes closed. The entire process, including the face pack application, washing, and moisturising, takes about 45 minutes.

Twak Lepam – Herbal Body Pack

De-stress your body with a calming oil massage, then apply a body pack comprised of herbs to nourish and detoxify your skin. Scar removal, skin softening, and natural skin lightening are further advantages. To relieve stress in your neck, back, and shoulders, a gentle kneading motion is used to open the energy pathways. The skin is wrapped in banana leaves to keep the heat in after being covered in lepam.

Akshi Tarpana – Eye Rejuvenation

This innovative Ayurvedic eye treatment, which uses a doughnut-shaped mould made of black gramme flour to create a natural eye bath, is known as Akshi Tarpana. The mould is fixed over the eyes and warm Triphala ghee is poured over it. This technique calms the eyes, brighten dull skin, and restores brightness while minimising wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles.


This deeply relaxing procedure, also known as “third eye therapy,” includes delicately pouring liquids through the hair and scalp as well as across the forehead (the “third eye”). Sanskrit terms shiras, which means head, and dhara, which means flow, denote to the name. Depending on your body’s dosha according to Ayurveda, you may utilise liquids like oil, milk, buttermilk, or coconut oil. The body and mind are transported to a state of intense tranquilly, regeneration, and effortless clarity by this delectably soothing experience.

Natural Hair Care

Men and women all over the world have suffered from common health problems like hair loss, dandruff, and uneven scalps. While dandruff and other scalp disorders might be caused by pollution, hard water, or poor eating habits, premature hair loss is sometimes attributed to genetics. Ayurveda, however, has solutions for each of these issues. Strengthening the roots, removing dandruff, and enhancing the general health of your scalp can all be accomplished by massaging and moisturising your scalp with herbal oil and juices. This Ayurvedic hair-care method works best when used after a herbal hair pack since it nourishes your hair and restores shine.

We at Sitaram Ayurveda has a wide range of cosmetic formulation that enhances skin and hair health as well as possess therapeutic effects.  Our skincare ranges from various products like Soundarya choornam, Kumkumadi tailam, Eladi soap, Lakshadi soap, Eladi choornam, Lodhradi choornam, Raktachandhana choornams etc and internal medications for blood purifications. The unique formulation Narasimha tablets is one of our best sellers and has immense effect on hair and skin without promoting weight gain. It also slows ageing and acts as a good rejuvenator. Oils like Neeli tailam, Chemparutyadi tailam, Neelibhringadi tailam, Dhurdooraparadi tailam, Narasimham oil etc has immense benefits on hair growth, premature graying and scalp infections.

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