Age Gracefully Through Ayurveda

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By Vignesh Devraj

age gracefully with ayurveda

In an era of striving to look youthful and beautiful, we end up doing artificial things and depend on many chemicals through our cosmetics etc. The use of these chemicals will harm us in the long run. Ageing is a natural process, and we cannot hold it back. But definitely, we can delay it using specific natural techniques. 

While we cannot stop ageing, surprisingly, we can decide how we choose to age. Ayurveda guides us with many methods to be healthier, more robust and younger as we age. Science also teaches us how to make ageing natural and easy with the right balance and grace.

The fact is that our bodies do undergo a lot of wear and tear as we get older. When there is a reduction in the synovial fluids in the joints, the bones become brittle, causes friction and starts to ache. The bones, joints, and organs of humans are more delicate. Ayurveda emphasis the predominance of the Doshas at different ages of life. For example, Kapha Dosha is most predominant during childhood, succeeded by Pitta Dosha and Kapha Dosha, respectively. So as we age, the body will have more prevalence of Vayu or Vata Dosha, which makes the body dry, exhausted and excess cold.

Ayurveda preaches all the ways to manage and restore the imbalances in the Doshas. Many studies concluded that following the preventive Ayurvedic treatments may help reduce the incidence of health problems and keep the body young. If we know our body and Prakruti (bodily constitution), we can prevent many diseases. For example, if you are a Vata Prakriti individual, you are prone to get joint disorders or weak joints quickly. So as part of prevention, we can prepare to prevent the symptoms. 

Transitions—new stages of life, new seasons—are the perfect times to analyse your issues and imbalances. However, it’s critical to keep track of how you’re feeling daily and make adjustments as needed, understanding that if symptoms aren’t handled, they’ll worsen as you get older. If we follow Ayurveda regularly, longevity or greater well-being can be achieved. Here are a few methods to begin with –

Look at your habits – Ayurveda emphasis following a Dinacharya (daily routine). Following a particular way helps to keep the health intact and helps in the prevention of various diseases. This aligns the balance of body and mind with nature. 

Regular exercise: Regular exercise throughout one’s life reduces the onset of premature ageing. This has been scientifically proved through various studies. By taking care of your physical body, you can fight the ageing process and reverse the indications of ageing. Exercising has advantages that go beyond muscular gain and builds immunity. This is critical in preventing and managing indications of premature ageing.

Abhyanga: Oil massage or Abhyanga helps to nourish the skin, which supposedly improves the overall appearance. The massage strokes help in increasing skin blood flow, reduce the occurrence of wrinkles, cellulite, and scars over the skin. Ayurvedic massage benefits also include a disease-free body and a healthy self. 

Sound sleep: One of the simplest and most natural things you can and should do for yourself is sleep. Sadly, sleep is one of the most undervalued yet potentially life-saving activities. A good night’s sleep will make you look and feel younger. It is a proven fact. You are speeding up the ageing process by not allowing yourself enough time to make new cells and repair the harm from the previous day. Your body does not prepare as much human growth hormone if you do not get enough sleep. The skin becomes strained, resulting in another outbreak. Cortisol levels are also reduced by sleep. Skin can renew and protect itself at lower levels. If you don’t get enough rest, the body cycle will be disturbed.

Drink lots of water: Are you aware of what happens to a plant when it is not watered? We have a lot in common. We do, however, notice indicators of dehydration far more slowly. Water is essential for blood circulation, digestion, nutritional absorption, and subsequent toxin excretion. It is necessary for the proper functioning of every organ in your body, including your skin. If the skin isn’t adequately hydrated, it will appear dry and aged over time. The more hydrated you are, the fewer wrinkles and fine lines you will develop. Water aids in the retention of moisture in the skin, which improves suppleness.

Include Anti-Ageing food in your diet

Any lotion or cream can only do limited work to help your skin. At the end of the day, what you put into your body significantly impacts how you appear on the outside. The most incredible method to keep healthy is to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Nonetheless, including natural anti-ageing foods in your diet is an excellent idea. Antioxidants, inflammation-fighting and best immunity booster ayurvedic medicine are Guduchi, Amla, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, and abundant in food items like red bell pepper, papaya, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables etc.   

Wash your face often: Pollutants in the air cause significant skin damage. The most exposed portion of your body is your face. Therefore, you must cleanse your face regularly. Aside from scrubbing your face twice a day, it’s a good idea to wash it every time you get home. Chemically manufactured products might dehydrate your skin, so choose natural or ayurvedic herb remedies, milk, or mild cleansers.

Anti-ageing herbs in Ayurveda include Amla, Guduchi, Ashwagandha, Haridra, Brahmi, Chandana etc. In addition, various panchakarma therapy, including Virechana treatment, helps to keep ageing at bay. 

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