Success stories

Success stories

Guest diagnosed with major depressive disorder could sleep better & sustain herself without anti-depressants

Tat***, 36yrs old female patient came to us with presenting symptoms of a stressful mind, low energy levels, disturbed sleep, and occasional pain over the shoulders and lower back. She was also suffering from irregular bowel movement and had a history of hemorrhoids which was associated with bleeding. Before coming to Sitaram, she was diagnosed with depression and was under medication in the last one year. She was also concerned about rosacea, mostly on her cheeks and nose.

Treatments provided

We started our treatments with abhyangam and naranga kizhi, which itself started helping her in reducing the heaviness in the body and relieved from pain in the shoulders and lower back. Snehapana was given as part of preparatory therapy before vamana and virechanam treatments. Followed by the purification, shirodhara and njavara kizhi treatments helped her in relaxing and calming her mind.


The guest felt mental stability and was able to sustain herself without anti-depressants. Her energy levels have showed a major improvement and she was able to relax better. The stiffness and pain in the shoulder as well as the lower back got completely resolved. This also contributed to sound sleep. The treatments also aided better bowel movements and arrested the bleeding that occurred due to hemorrhoids.

58 year old guest suffering from Asthma stopped using the inhaler 

Ka***, approached us when she was completely boggled down with her many health concerns of asthma, upper and low backache, disturbed sleep and increased stress level. She also had severe hair fall and continued bloating in the stomach.

Treatments Provided

At Sitaram, after a detailed consultation and diagnosis by the doctors, she was advised to go forward for intense panchakarma treatments. Before starting these purificatory therapies, she was treated with avikizhi, abhyangam and shirodhara along with the internal medications. The approach was completely holistic. She was advised a change in her dietary plan with controlled carbohydrates, along with other necessary changes. All this was coupled with various cleansing therapies and prescribed yoga too.


The patient felt a marked difference in her state of health. She was able to stop using the inhaler completely, after starting snehapanam which was around the middle of her stay here. Her upper back stiffness and lower back pain completely got resolved and had a good night sleeps throughout the stay. Kaxxx, was very much relieved from symptoms of bloating and the intensity of her hair fall had reduced.