Why do we need Ayurveda today?

According to Ayurveda, the human body is considered as one of the greatest creations of mother nature. It knowns how to heal and correct it’s self. Akin gravity, healing is a naturally occurring process. We just need to allow it to happen.

Deepak Chopra, an international bestselling author in holistic health wrote in his book ´Quantum Healing´:“Inside your body is a wonderful pharmacy. You name it, the human body can make it - tranquilizers, sleeping pills, anti-cancer drugs; the right dosage at the right time for the right organ with no side effects. And all the instructions you need come with the packaging which is your innate intelligence. “

There is already a natural pharmacy working inside our body and Ayurveda is a science that helps enhance the efficiency of this inner natural pharmacy.

What is the description of human body in Ayurveda?

In Ayurveda, the human body is called “Sarira” literally translating to “that which keeps dying/perishing every moment”. The blood in our body contains red blood cells (RBC). These RBCs perish every 120 days and new RBCs are regenerated. To draw a parallel, our body undergoes re-birth constantly in every moment we live and there is no birth without death. This is a philosophical perspective. The physiological translation of this definition is that our body keeps eliminating waste at every moment. The basic difference between a living and a dead body is that in a living body, waste elimination is a continuous process like carbon dioxide elimination via breathing, sweating, urination etc whereas in a dead body the waste elimination ceases.

Going by this definition, the efficiency of our waste elimination determines the quality of our health. It implies that if there is a block in the flow of our waste elimination, there is a consequent reduction in our energy levels and this will impact our health. After all, health is all about energy.

How to get to Sitaram Beach Retreat

The Sitaram Beach Retreat is situated in Thalikulam village in Thrissur District in the Central part ok kerala. It is easily accessible.

Nearest Airport:
Cochin International Airport (COK)- 62Kms(A drive time of approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes by road)

Nearest Railway Station:
Thrissur(TSR) - 25Kms(A drive time of approximately 45 minutes by road)

Nambikadavu Road,
Near Snehatheeram Beach,
Thalikulam P.O, Thrissur , Kerala
India - 680569

+91 813 8888 912


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