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Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy was founded in the year 1921 with the blessings of Maharaja of Cochin, His Highness Rama Varma XV, also known as The Rajarshi of Cochin. Rajarsh' means a king with the spirit and wisdom of a monk. Being a great Sanskrit scholar well versed in Ayurveda and other sciences, he spent his ife in the quest for knowledge and using it for the betterment of his society. His highness Rama Varma XV had made Cochin the most progressive native state in India during his tenure by emphasizing on education and hea thcare for all. As a part of this vision he urged entrepreneurs with a social cause to set up an Ayurveda pharmacy and clinic for the healthcare benefit of the people in his kingdom.

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Our Services

Sitaram hospital stands as a legacy in Ayurveda in the heart of Gods own country, Kerala.

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Our Products

We have completed 93 years of manufacturing and distribution of quality ayurvedic medicines.

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Our Training Programs

We are providing various range of training programs in 'panchakarma' and other theropies

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