How can Panchakarma at Sitaram benefit you?

Panchakarma, a transformative experience, is an ancient solution for modern diseases. Its benefits include:

Activate your inner healing powers

  • Detoxify your body, purify yourself at cellular level and enhance your body’s self-healing capacity
  • Eliminate pain due to inflammation (joint pain, arthritis, gout, knee pain, back pain)
  • Get rid of negative effects of stress & attain a relaxed state of well being
  • Get rid of addiction to coffee, alcohol, tobacco
  • Balance your fertility hormones
  • Lose weight in a healthy way and sustain the same

Attain optimal and sustainable natural immunity by leveraging organic resources

  • Strengthen your immune system by purification at a cellular level
  • Increase your energy level organically
  • Reduce the number of doctor-visits and optimise your time and financial investment towards medical needs
  • Reduce the need for surgical interventions through inflammation reduction (e.g knee replacement, uterus removal)
  • Reduce the tendency to consume drugs with variable side-effects
  • Organic blood thinner

Access the secrets of longevity by eliminating waste and possibly reducing cell decay

  • Enhance skin complexion & radiation
  • Increase body flexibility due to lubrication of joints and ligaments

Prevent modern-day disorders

  • Explore the possibility of a life without sleeping pills, anti depressants, pain killers, anti hypertensive drugs, anti diabetic drugs, synthetic hormones and blood thinners.

As a result of our innovative research and a legacy of four generations with vast ayurvedic pharmaceutical & clinical experience, our patient benefits include:

  • Refined ancient formulations to adapt to modern-day society’s needs
  • Improved formulations based on observations (treatment response) from a large number of cases
  • Convenient medication formats to suit consumption in modern-day lifestyle

Some illustrations of exceptional results achieved with panchakarma treatment:

Example 1: Elevated HSCRP (High sensitivity carbohydrate reactive protein)This is a protein released by the liver to neutralize the inflammation in the blood and body. If the inflammation is high, the protein levels are found to be elevated. An elevated HCRP is a marker of potential ischemic heart disease and inflammatory joint pains to name a few. In the reports below, we see a gross reduction in the HCRP levels from 45.5 mg/L to 3.9mg/L as a result of panchakarma



Example 2: Reduced blood levels of heavy metals - A stark reduction in the blood levels of arsenic/mercury was noted post-panchakarma. The arsenic and mercury values reduced from9 and 5.35 microgram/l to 5.09 and 4.32 microgram/l respectively.



*Disclaimer :we need to understand that our body can respond or react to a given treatment depending on the condition, medical history and state of health. Despite achieving extraordinary treatment outcomes with many of our patients, we strictly do not guarantee the same for everyone.

How to get to Sitaram Beach Retreat

The Sitaram Beach Retreat is situated in Thalikulam village in Thrissur District in the Central part ok kerala. It is easily accessible.

Nearest Airport:
Cochin International Airport (COK)- 62Kms(A drive time of approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes by road)

Nearest Railway Station:
Thrissur(TSR) - 25Kms(A drive time of approximately 45 minutes by road)

Nambikadavu Road,
Near Snehatheeram Beach,
Thalikulam P.O, Thrissur , Kerala
India - 680569

+91 813 8888 912

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