Food at Sitaram

Food is an integral part of treatment in Ayurveda. Food is considered as the prime medicine and eating appropriate food on a daily basis reduces the need for medications.

At Sitaram, in our “slow food vegetarian restaurant”, we serve with love and care food best suited for you.

Ingredients for food are sourced from reliable local sources and the use of any artificial ingredients, refined flour, refined sugar and preservatives are strictly avoided. Oil is used very minimally.

Based on the treatment it aids, the food provided is basically divided into different categories:

  • Aama PachanaAahara (APA) - is food which helps in improving digestion and reducing inflammation.

    This is Sitaram’s signature diet which includes fruits, vegetables, rice, side dishes and different pan cakes.

  • Poorva Virechana Aahara (PVirA)- This is a special diet plan served for one or two days just prior to ‘virechanam’, mostly after the ghee therapy.

    The dishes are moderately spicy with added sour taste and fruits like pineapple and citrus are served more.

    The aim is to increase the sections inside the gut which will enable better removal of toxins through purgation.

  • Poorva Vamana Aahara (PVA) - This diet plan is followed only for one day prior to vomiting therapy.

    Food served will be heavy and contains sweet and carbohydrate-rich dishes. Sesame, yogurt, black gram and jaggery are included.

    This food will increase the slime / phlegm in the gut which sticks to the ghee and toxins inside. This ensures better removal of slime when vomiting is performed.

  • Peyadi Aahara (PA)-Peya means ‘kanji’ or rice gruel. The food consists of only rice gruel and a small amount of a side dish.

    Peyadi aahara is given at times when digestion is low.

    This diet plan is usually advised when you are in the ghee therapy and on the days of cleansing like vamanam or virechanam.

    Kanji will also be advised when your doctor feels that your digestive fire is too low and needs improvement for the better efficacy of medicines and treatment.

  • Five meal Plan (FMP) - In this diet plan, we serve normal food, but in lesser quantities. In between the regular meal timings, fruits or boiled vegetables are served.

    The idea is to serve you less quantity of food than usually given in the regular three meal plan.

    This diet plan along with the treatment helps in reducing unwanted body weight.

  • Gluten Free Diet (GFD)- Gluten containing grains like wheat and oats are avoided for guests who are gluten intolerant.

    This diet plan is also advised for guests who are having certain health conditions like auto immune diseases, impaired digestion, and inflammation in the body.

  • Lactose Free Diet (LFD) - All lactose containing items are avoided from your food if you have been advised a lactose free diet plan.

  • Diabetic Diet (DD) - For guests with high level of glucose in their blood, diabetic diet is advised which aims at reducing carbohydrate and sugar intake.

As our diet is tailor made according to your requirements and clinical condition , we take care to avoid any food items which you are specifically allergic to.

How to get to Sitaram Beach Retreat

The Sitaram Beach Retreat is situated in Thalikulam village in Thrissur District in the Central part ok kerala. It is easily accessible.

Nearest Airport:
Cochin International Airport (COK)- 62Kms(A drive time of approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes by road)

Nearest Railway Station:
Thrissur(TSR) - 25Kms(A drive time of approximately 45 minutes by road)

Nambikadavu Road,
Near Snehatheeram Beach,
Thalikulam P.O, Thrissur , Kerala
India - 680569

+91 813 8888 912

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