Panchakarma at Sitaram

Treatment for a given condition can be done in any season. But it is observed that during monsoon, the body has more power to heal.So monsoon is believed to be more beneficial for rejuvenation and other treatments.

Treatments for depression is better in non monsoon seasons.

Once in a year is good. But it depends on your specific health issue and sometimes the doctor advises you to take another Panchakarma session or some specific treatments after 6 months, depending upon the progress you made during the first session. If you do not have any specific health issues after your first session, once in two years is a very good time.

It is not ideal to take treatments during the first three months of pregnancy. During the other months, only certain treatments which are mild and specifically beneficial for pregnancy can be done. We advise you to schedule Panchakarma at a later time after the lactation period.

Generally, all cleansing treatments (panchakarma) are avoided during menstruation as menstruation itself is believed to be a strong natural cleansing process. Some of the external treatments can be continued during the time. A moderate ghee therapy can be administered during the menstruation. Please inform your doctor if you have your periods during the treatments.

An ideal Panchakarma takes 14-21 days for the complete course of treatments. If you have 14 days, the treatments are completed and if you have 21 days - there is time for the Rasayana phase or the rejuvenation phase.

We strongly recommend minimum 14 days for Panchakarma. However with 7-10 days the treatments will be focussed on symptomatic relief and it is a good tenure for stress relief.

There is no one size fits all. Every person has a unique healing cure.

Once you confirm your booking, we request you to fill out the pre consultation questionnaire. On your arrival doctors have a detailed consultation with you and discuss your health and other parameters in detail. Doctors also advise further investigations like blood tests, urine tests, etc to further understand your health concerns if needed.

Based on the consultation and diagnosis, a detailed treatment plan, diet chart and medicines are chalked out and administered.

Follow up daily consultations monitor your progress and doctors advise the required changes if needed.

At Sitaram our focus is not on doing all the treatments or as many treatments as possible. Our laser sharp focus is on improving your over all health and well being which includes not only the Ayurvedic treatments but also the food, meditation, yoga, connecting with nature and deep relaxation.

Every day we do one main treatment which is for a duration of 90 minutes. Depending on the severity of your condition other additional treatments would be provided as per the discretion of the physician.

 Based on your consultation and health parameters a unique treatment plan is devised for you. As each person is different as of different Dosha/nature different treatments are prescribed which give them the best healing and cure.

It is very important when you do a Panchakarma that we get your total consent of the treatment we are about to do for you. Before every treatment we will explain the benefits and the things you need to be aware of about that particular treatment. However this question is best answered when you spend the time with the doctor in the consultation room.

When you do a very intense healing such as Panchakarma it is very important for the doctors to check the vitals and feedback every day. During consultation every day, the guest discus with the doctors about their health, sleep, vitals and their emotional state and well being. This aids to amend and update the treatment for optimum healing.  Also during consultation the doctor explains to you in detail the benefits of each treatment and how it would improve your health. If you have any concerns you may discuss with the doctor and they will help you find a solution for the same.

 60% of our guests who come to Sitaram are healthy. According to Ayurveda, the ultimate optimum health is a real challenge. Everyone who comes to Sitaram, does a blood test, explains about the sleep, lifestyle, energy levels, metabolism, emotional wellbeing, bowel movement and what is observed is that there is always a scope for improvement. We live in a time when stress is such an inevitable thing, where we have lost our connection with oneself and are highly connected to the internet.

During Panchakarma you disconnect to the outside world and connect with oneself. Most of our guests say coming to sitaram and doing a Panchakarma has been one of the health upgrades and heath investment they made.

Even though Panchakarma aids in detoxification, the benefits are not just that. In Panchakarma there is a preparation for detox, a procedure to do detox and after the cleansing we also prepare the body for the routine life. It is not just letting the toxins out Panchakarma is more about upgrading your metabolism and immunity.

Please check the link for the health conditions for which Panchakarma is beneficial.  Paste link here However if you have concerns kindly mail your queries to retreat@sitaramayurveda.com or fill the form - Ask our Doctor and our doctors would get back to you.

We have a child policy of allowing only children above 12 years. We allow children if the child needs treatment. Most of the Panchakarma procedures are not recommended for children, there are Ayurvedic treatments which are done to improve the digestion, immunity and well being.

The medicines given to you are to support the Panchakarma process. The doctors would explain to you how these medicines would be beneficial. The medicines are classical Ayurvedic preparations manufactured in our own GMP(Good manufacturing practices) certified manufacturing unit established in the year 1921.

Making Reservation at Sitaram

An ideal panchakarma takes 14-21 days for the complete course of treatments. If you have less than 14 days please write to us and we will customise the treatments accordingly to benefit the healing. However please note that the complete treatment is not possible for less than 14 days.

If you come for 21 days, the advantage is you get ample time for the Rasayana phase or to rest and recover completely. Since Panchakarma eliminates a lot of toxins - there could be weight loss and people feel a little tired. So it is important you rest before resuming your routine work life.

On deciding the number of dates and the tentative dates of travel, please fill out the “make a reservation form”, checking the dates are flexible option on our website. Kindly read the disclaimer form and submit the form.

Based on our availability our team would get back to you within 24-48 hours on the various options. Upon confirmation from your end our team would send link to make the advance payment. On receipt of advance payment your reservation would be confirmed.

Please note that we have full occupancy for major time frame of the year and kindly get the confirmation from us before you book your flight tickets.

  • Once the booking is confirmed with advance payment, 20% of the booking invoice amount would be charged if cancelled at any point of time.
  • If the booking is cancelled between 29 to 11 days of arrival, 50% of the booking invoice amount will be charged.
  • If the booking is cancelled between 10 days to 4 days of arrival, 75% of the booking invoice amount will be charged.
  • If the booking is cancelled between 3 days to scheduled arrival date, 85% of the booking invoice amount will be charged.
  • If the booking is cancelled after arrival at retreat or in case of early departure, 100% of the booking invoice amount will be charged.
  • To & fro Transfer from Cochin International airport.
  • Accommodation in an independent cottage.
  • All three meals are set menus (as prescribed by doctors only).
  • Daily group Yoga sessions for Wellness Asanas, Pranayama, and Meditation.
  • Consultation with doctor on arrival.
  • Daily Ayurveda treatments as per doctor’s advice.
  • Follow up consultation every day.
  • Bank charges will be deducted if the guest would like to get refund.
  • Please note our check in time will be 1.00 pm and checkout time will be 11.00 am.
  • All credit card payment at reception will have an additional 2.5 % bank charges.
  • Early check in and late checkout depends on the room availability.
  • All current applicable taxes.
  • If the guest is staying for 18 nights then per night rate of 14 night stay will be calculated.
  • Personal Laundry.
  • Post checkout medicines as per doctors advise after the complete treatment.
  • If any diagnostic investigations/ Blood test be required.
  • Local transportation.

Travel to Sitaram Beach Retreat

Cochin International airport (COK) is the nearest International and Domestic airport. It is around 62 kms by road from the airport to Sitaram Beach Retreat.

Cochin International Airport to Sitaram Beach Retreat takes a travel time of approximately 1 hour 45 minutes by road.

We have our own fleet of cars which we will send to pick you up from the airport/train station/hotel.

We arrange pick ups round the clock (24 hours) from the airport. You may book flights which are the most convenient for you. As long as the booking is confirmed  with airport pick up and drop and the details are mailed to us 48 hours prior, the same shall be organised.

Our team member would be waiting outside the airport with a placard mentioning your name.

Visa to India and Vaccination/Immunisation

Please do remember to verify whether you need to get a visa for landing in India. Patients from most countries need to have a visa (medical / tourist) to come to India. The process of getting a visa can take anywhere between 1-12 weeks (or sometimes even more), depending on your home country.

You might want to check with your travel agent about the possibility of acquiring overseas travel medical insurance. This would be useful in case of any emergency medical need during your stay in India.

Once your booking is confirmed, we can give you a voucher confirming your reservation with Sitaram Beach Retreat which you can submit for visa processing.

We do not recommend or mandate any vaccination or immunisation. However if your health care professional  in your country advises you please do the same.

Stay at Sitaram

Sitaram Beach Retreat is located in Thrissur district of Kerala in South India. The climatic conditions in Thrissur do not face a drastic change in the summer and winter season. The maximum average temperature of the city in the summer season is 35 degree Celsius while the minimum temperature recorded is 22.5 degrees Celsius. The winter season records a maximum average of 32.3 degree Celsius and a minimum average of 20 degree Celsius. The place receives heavy rainfall in the months of June - August.

As the weather is humid and hot pack light cotton and comfortable clothes. Bring along flip flops, swim suits, sun glasses, sun screen and your hat to enjoy the sun. Bring rain coats, rubber flip flops and umbrella when you come during the Monsoon season.

At Sitaram we provide basic Ayurvedic personal care products like hand wash, soaps, shampoo, tissues, towels etc. We also provide a robe for your use before and after treatments.

Please find the day routine at sitaram here Click To View

Sitaram is a highly medically focussed clinic. We recommend you to take utmost rest and focus on your healing during your Panchakarma cure at Sitaram. One may plan sightseeing trips after the intensive cleansing procedures or the first few days of arrival in Sitaram. We strongly discourage sightseeing during intensive treatments. Any trips can be decided after discussion with the doctors.

The sea is fit for swimming except during the heavy monsoon months. However we will inform you if the sea is rough. We do not have a coastguard , hence swimming in the beach is completely at the risk of the guest.

During certain treatment days, doctors advise you to avoid swimming or exertion to benefit from the fruits of swimming.

As in any place in tropical weather we are also blessed with the flora and fauna which attract mosquitoes and pests. We practice herbal and natural pest control methods to keep them at bay and to have a safe environment and co living. These natural methods ensure that there are no mosquitoes disturbing you during your stay. We also advise you to keep the doors and mosquito nets intact during the evening hours when the mosquitoes swarm the room. Our guests have had a comfortable stay all these years.

If you wish to visit other parts of India on your trip, we request you to do the sightseeing and then come to Sitaram for Panchakarma. It is advisable to go back to your home after Panchakarma. If at all you decide to visit other places, please make sure you spend a good number of days in Sitaram post Panchakarma for rest and recovery to get the total benefit of the treatment.

Facilities at Sitaram

We have Wireless connectivity(WIFI) in the common areas - Reception and Yoga hall.  We highly recommend to minimise the use of digital devices during panchakarma and take this time at Sitaram to connect with nature and oneself.

We have laundry services available. Personal laundry is not inclusive in the tariff and will be charged extra.
There is no pool suitable for swimming in Sitaram.
Please find the day facilities available at sitaram here Click To View

We do not have swimming pool in the property and television, wifi, kettle  or refrigerator inside the rooms.


The doctor prescribes the diet for each of you based on the first and follow up consultations. The diet is formulated keeping in mind the health conditions and the treatment you are undergoing.

We customise the food according to each person requirements and this would consider your allergies and preferences. Please mention to the doctor about your allergies.

We customise the food according to each person requirements and this would consider your diet preferences. Please mention to the doctor about your diet preferences.

We do not encourage bottled mineral bottle in our initiative to be eco friendly. We provide safe RO purified water.

Sitaram is a medical oriented clinic in the ambience of a retreat. We want our guests to sit and enjoy our chef’s food at the table prepared with passion, care and dedication. We do not want the guests to worry about getting up to serve yourself and worrying about enjoying the food.

Even though Kerala is known for delicious fish dishes, we request guests to visit Sitaram with a priority of healing and not for a gastronomical experience.

How to get to Sitaram Beach Retreat

The Sitaram Beach Retreat is situated in Thalikulam village in Thrissur District in the Central part ok kerala. It is easily accessible.

Nearest Airport:
Cochin International Airport (COK)- 62Kms(A drive time of approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes by road)

Nearest Railway Station:
Thrissur(TSR) - 25Kms(A drive time of approximately 45 minutes by road)

Nambikadavu Road,
Near Snehatheeram Beach,
Thalikulam P.O, Thrissur , Kerala
India - 680569

+91 813 8888 912


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