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  • The different programs will be offered only based on physician's assessment of the condition of the patient; all the treatments will NOT be given to the same patient.

  • The full participation of the patient is essential to get the maximum benefit from these programs; all these treatments require the patient to be under complete physical and mental rest to maximize the benefit from the treatment process.

  • An equal number of days of rest following the treatment is also enforced generally as it is essential for the treatment to be really fruitful. Thus, ideally a course of treatment is for a period of around 3-5 weeks. During the treatment, the patient is advised total physical and mental rest and diet and other activities are severely restricted. During the days of rest, simple oil treatments along with internal medicines are given to the patient.

  • The extent of relief in specific disease conditions depends on the chronicity of the condition, the nature of the condition and a host of other factors like constitution of individual, diet pattern, lifestyle, climate etc.

  • In the detoxification and rejuvenation programs, the patient will have to follow the physician's advice for a specific time duration after the program is over.

  • All these treatments are also offered for rejuvenation and wellness.

  • While the general procedure for the treatments is described above, the physician can change the procedure, the duration and the mode of application based on individual need.

  • It is again reiterated that in all the treatments, whether simple or intensive, the final decision rests with the physician. The physician will not offer any treatment or program which, in his consideration, may not be suitable for the particular patient.

  • Sitaram Beach Retreat is an Authentic Ayurveda clinic and not a leisure resort nor a spa.

  • Blood investigations or other investigations for diagnosis required will be charged extra after taking your consent.

  • Food given will be set menus and on certain days customized food will be given as per the doctors advise according to the clinical condition and treatment prescribed.

  • Our treatment time is 1 hour and 30 minutes and in case of certain clinical conditions and also on certain treatment days the treatment will be reduced to 1 hour. This is usually happening on days of ghee therapy ( snehapanam ), Vamanam ( Therapeutic Vominting) and Virechanam ( therapeutic purgation).

  • Major treatments maybe cancelled if there is an unexpected illness such as fever, flu or any disorder that may not be conducive for the treatments to be done.

  • For female guest's certain major treatments cannot be done during menstrual cycle, however the best suited treatment will be done as per the doctors decision.

  • We request you to follow the treatment timing, if skipped we will try to accommodate only if there is a vacancy we do not guarantee that.

  • Our yoga timings are from 6.30 to 7.30 am morning and 4.30pm to 5.30 pm evening. We request you to take only one yoga session per day since you are doing panchakarma treatment extensive physical activity including yoga can delay the healing progress.

  • We strongly recommend not taking any yoga sessions during the ghee treatment and intensive treatment days.

  • Sight-seeing and excursions are allowed only after prior confirmation from the doctor as we give first priority for your healing. Sightseeing is charged extra.

  • Laughter yoga is done on Wednesday and Saturday 9am. This is optional and not mandatory but we highly recommend it.

  • Alcohol, smoking and tobacco chewing is not allowed inside the property and we request guest not to bring the same.

  • Cycles are provided and please use that only in days when intense treatments are not provided.

  • Sea is dangerous and swimming in the sea is at your own risk. Management and staff are not responsible for any accidents.

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