How does Panchakarma heal our body ?
We need to understand the human body that we are living in 
is one of the most powerful creations
of Mother Nature.
It has existed over 2 million years
and it has corrected itself over the years
Whenever there is something that goes wrong
the body knows to correct itself.
Whatever medicines that we are buying today
from the pharmacy
its already there inside us
be it a painkiller, be it a pill to sleep or the hormones
its already produced in our body.
Healing is something that has to happen naturally
in our body
and what Panchakarma does is
it allows the body to heal itself
Whatever blocks are there inside the body 
that stops from the healing to happen
Panchakarma helps to release it.
Its like gravity is always free you donʼt have to force
or push something to go down.
Gravity happens naturally.
Same way healing is natural 
and effortless just like the way gravity is
We just need to allow it and thats how Panchakarma helps it.