Healthy human being wakes up fresh 
and energetic in the morning
and goes to sleep at night 
with a deep need for rest.
Whenever there is an imbalance in this natural cycle,
thats when our body needs an intense purification
Its like in the morning we wake up tired 
we feel heavy in the morning
or we feel like we need 2 or 3 more coffees to get going in the day.
During the day time 
we always have a need to take a rest 
or to sleep or to take a nap
Infact the word stress means lack of energy to face the reality
and if you are getting stressed out very easily
or your immune systems efficiency is low
you are constantly getting into allergies
all these are signs our body is heavy
and the food you eat
instead of making it into energy
your body is accumulating it into fat
and thats a sign that our body needs a Panchakarma
to clean ourself, to purify ourself so that
we wake up fresh and energetic in the morning 
and goes to sleep naturally