There is a story in Ancient India which talks about
if you want to understand the health and happiness 
of a society you need to see how healthy and happy
the women in that society is
which is a good indicator to see the happiness
and health level of a society.
Hence Ayurveda gives a lot of importance
to the womenʼs health
And one of the important aspects of womenʼs health
that ayurveda focuses on is the Menstrual Cycle
when the Menstrual Cycle is regular her fertility is very good
when the menstrual cycle is irregular or painful or scanty
this will highly influence her fertility as well.
so there are many treatments herbs recommended including
lifestyle changes to regulate the menstrual cycle in a woman.
and its the same post menopause cases 
whether its hot flushes or heat waves or
pain in the joints or high inflammation
there are many treatment methodologies including Panchakarma
to regulate the post menopausal issues in a woman.