My name is Dr Vignesh Devraj. I'm an Ayurvedic Physician
i come from a family which has a tradition of 
over 90 years in Ayurveda
The reason why we found Sitaram Ayurveda Beach Retreat is
when I started my practise as an ayurvedic physician 
assisting my patients to do Panchakarma
I never did it for myself 
and the day I did it for myself, I realised 
how transformational it is for me 
and how it changed my life with my energy levels
with my enthusiasm
it was like a complete shift in my life
and when i did this I realised how important
it is to have a good space when you do Panchakarma
like connecting with nature,
a silence to connect with your inner self
and we live at a time when we are highly disconnected
and most of our energy is invested
to connect with the outside world
So we wanted a space where you can connect 
with nature and your inner world
and thats how we came up with the concept of 
Sitaram Ayurveda Beach Retreat
where you have a beautiful garden,
where you connect with nature 
at the same time you have a Panchakarma purification
and you go back new fresh energetic
confident and enthusiastic
to give the best creative output
that you can do to a sustainable harmonious society