The word‘ Burnoutʼ or 'Stressed out' 
when we hear this what it means is
there is low performance or under efficiency
This under efficiency in a body means
our productivity of a brain has come down
Its like the expectation is here but the productive output is here.
So this gap is making the body give up 
and thats when we have this burnout
When it comes to our brain 
it is one of the organs that
takes a lot of our bodyʼs energy
even when you sit idle our brain takes 
about 20% of your bodyʼs energy
and another organ that determines the 
efficiency of the brain is our GUT.
Its like the efficiency of your GUT determines
the overall health of your body according to Ayurveda.
Infact the latest research on Endocrinology states that 
he feel good hormone called serotonin 
95% is produced in our GUT.
and the whole idea of Panchakarma is to reset 
the workings of your GUT
to enhance the efficiency of your GUT.
It means the food you take or the Nutrients that you receive
is converted into good energy that our Body
can use so the possibility of a burnout
or stress level is minimal
thats how Panchakarma helps in a situation of burnout or Stress.