What benefits can we expect after doing a proper Panchakarma?
The results can vary from person to person
depending on their condition
the intensity of the treatment
and the duration of the treatment.
However some of the feedbacks that we get are
they feel light in their body
Some people say they have weight loss
They feel more energy to do the things that they want to do
Their sleep is better, their digestion is better
Now the complexion of the skin has improved
The allergies have gone down
Their immune system is much better
And in some cases when we check the blood reports
before the panchakarma and after the panchakarma
The cholesterol levels have come to the normal values
Their inflammation markers like 
High sensitive Carbohydrate Reactive Protien ( Hs C.R.P)
that has come down to the normal value.
IIs like a complete new life after Panchakarma
Its like they feel like a phoenix,
like a break through in their life
that they always wanted.